13 Miles of Metal

Interesting article, shame it is only about the 13 miles of fence. We need to look at the entire fence along our so-called “Good Neighbor Mexico”. If Mexico was a good neighbor they would clean up the areas along the borders, enrich their citizens by creating jobs that give the citizens of Mexico a decent living wage. I put the entire blame on Mexico itself that country needs to create a standard of living that draws people to it instead away form it. Mexico also needs to start enforcing patrols along its border just like the Border Patrol does on our side, this would slow down the crossing of drugs and people, but the Mexican officials are so corrupt and on the take that this won’t happen in the near future. Americans overwhelming are in favor of the entire southern border being fenced, we want to keep out anyone who tries to enter this country illegally just like any other country in the word, just like Mexico. As for all the trash and rubbish that flows into the gulches and streams, maybe Mexico could employ some of it’s thousands of unemployed to clean up the areas! Great opportunity to create a work program! Americans love traveling to countries south of the border, but we do it legally, with passports & visas, we respect the laws of those lands we travel to or relocate into. The people who enter the country here illegally break the law with the first step into this country when they cross into it illegally. Americans want our laws enforced, we want Mexico to step up to it’s internal problems, we want the citizens of Mexico to prosper and create a better country and most of all we want everyone who comes here to the USA to come here legally and be a benefit to the country.
— April 30, 2009 7:58 a.m.

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