Paul People

To InOmbra Romney: Romney enthusiastically supports the NDAA and believes that the torture, indefinite holding of American citizens without any charges or due process, and/or the use of torture and murder are justified and that the constitutional rights of Americans are not important. Romney states that he is for a small government and wants to reduce spending, but Romney supports the expansion of the Domestic Drone Program to be used in America to monitor the daily habits of all Americans at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollar a year, with this huge Gestapo-esque bureaucracy. Gingrich: Gingrich is the most confused of all. When asked during the debates if he supported the NDAA, Newt replied, "We should use and support the NDAA to do everything possible to defend our Freedom and Constitution." Wait if the NDAA strikes down the constitutional rights of all Americans and takes away their FREEDOM, by allowing them to be held without charges, tortured and killed, exactly what is NEWT defending! Ron Paul: The press has been painting Paul as crazy, but he is the only candidate running for president that believes that innocent people should not be held indefinitely, tortured and killed. He is the only candidate recognizing that having $100 Trillion in unfunded Social Security and Medicare, $14.3 Trillion in Debt and a $1.3 Trillion deficit, is ridiculous and calls for immediate action, whereas the other candidates call for action over the next 30 years, or in Obama's case, doesn't want to lower spending at all ever. InOmbra, currently we have a "Socialistic Government For The Rich," that taxes the middle class and working poor, so that the rich corporations can funnel the money through large governmental bureaucracies to themselves. In is a simple bait and switch, where taxes are routinely levied to benefit education, healthcare and police/fire services, but the money is then used by and paid to large corporate special interests. InOmbra perhaps you have a more advanced, complicated and sophisticated way to make $100 Trillion in unfunded Social Security and Medicare go away, which dovetails with spending at the highest spending rates and percentage increase rates in history. Since you think Paul supporters are all not educatable, you can dummy down your answer to my level. I have doctorates in both Statistics and Finance, and masters in Music and Chemistry. I support Ron Paul, because he believes and votes for freedom and opposes torture, murder and the gutting of human rights for Americans. What is subtle escapes you, but what is profound and determinative has gone completely over your arrogant head. O. Shostakovich PhD MS MA
— April 8, 2012 1:48 a.m.

Paul People

InOmbra describes "Paul Followers" as being simplistic and not educatable, when Paul's demographic is the exact opposite with by far the most educated and logical followers of any candidate. Lets take a look at the facts about the alternatives to Paul and let's use the most important piece of congressional legislation, since the passing of the constitution, The NDAA, as our frame of reference. InOmbra please excuse my simplistic choice for an apotheosis of comparatives, but since the NDAA completely renders our constitution irrelevant, it is as important as the constitution. The NDAA authorizes the government to hold any American or person indefinitely, torture them and/or kill them, without ever bringing charges against them. If the government can hold indefinitely or kill me without charging or having due process, my rights are gone and som is the constitution that provided those rights. Analysis: Obama: Supports indefinite holding of Americans, whether innocent or not, and supports their torture and/or murder as provided under the NDAA. Obama signed the NDAA legislation into law and his Attorney General announced at a speech two weeks ago at the Northwestern University Law School that President Obama intends to investigate U.S. citizens from the executive branch and to adjudicate them (try and sentence them) as president. Obama also put together the bank bailout and stimulus package that ended up spending some $3 Trillion to bailout $800 Billion, and then outspent all previous presidents combined taking the cost of government from $3.3 Billion per day in 2008 to $10.4 Billion per day in 2012, so that our debt is over $14.3 Trillion. Obama quadrupled Bush's last budget in his first year. Since a 100 percent tax on every American could not even pay the interest on our debt, Obama has directed the Fed to print $75 Billion in new money before July to keep things going long enough for him to get re-elected and then huge inflation will occur. The dollar lost over 33 percent of its value under Obama. Another 4 years of similar fiscal policies will yield similar results, which would mean a total and complete collapse of the dollar. Santorum: Supports indefinite holding of Americans, whether innocent or not, and supports their torture and/or murder as provided under the NDAA. Ironically Santorum claims to be a Christian Candidate that holds the sanctity of human life above all other values, including the rights of unborn children, but he apparently believes in the torture and murder of grown-ups as provided in the NDAA, which he enthusiastically supports. O. Shostakovich PhD MS MA
— April 8, 2012 1:46 a.m.

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