CPUC shows its inbred corruption

If I understand this correctly, SDG&E customers can only be saddled with about 25% of that $3.3 billion travesty, due to our minority ownership of SONGS. SCE customers should have to foot the remaining 75% cost? SCE has been engaging in wholesale layoffs, in most departments, for over a year now. There were layoffs that were blamed on SONGS closing, of course, but the company has also been holding ongoing meetings with all of it's permanent employees, wherein early retirements were actively encouraged, or so the rumors claimed. What's not a rumor is that long time employees of SCE who didn't take the package often got the axe. Rumor had it that the excuse given for the layoffs was because of the impending rate increase request that SCE was making, which as we now know, is designed in part to rip off the people who paid for solar energy installations: http://www.turn.org/issues/energy/item/749-util... The latest layoffs(~1,000 people) have just now finally rolled around to the festering cesspool of SCE mgmt in Irwindale, where you'll recall: "Indeed, top-heavy management contributed to an "unhealthy" workplace environment at Edison's Irwindale offices, an independent audit concluded after an Irwindale information technology employee, Andre Turner, 48, went on a shooting rampage in December 2011, killing two co-workers and wounding two others before taking his own life with a semiautomatic handgun." http://articles.latimes.com/2014/apr/15/busines... What's the best thing that you can do? Buy SCE stock, because it's going up, analysts are saying that the future looks bright for SCE. SDG&E will probably also be a solid investment.
— May 6, 2014 4:52 p.m.

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