Judge España goes easy on Southwestern College VP

I think the problem with the Zasueta case, which I watched quiet closely, is that it sort of laid the groundwork for all that has followed. With Zasueta and Reemer getting off with misdemeanors the precedent was created (even though the criminal actions were of a different character). I also do not think that it was a lack of "brightness," that plagued Zasueta and his ilk (in the same way that it was not a failed HR in Wilson's case or environment, as in Alioto's). It was arrogance, and on Zasuta's part, often cruelty. The first real case of getting rid of a tenure track faculty member at the college was under the leadership of Zasueta. This faculty member was disliked by some of Zasueta's minions, and an adjunct who was liked by the minions wanted the job. So, they worked to discredit him, attack him as often as they could, and even though he eventually won in court the climate supported by Zasueta and his cronies made it impossible for him to return. As I recall from the accounts of several faculty on the campus at the time, the adjunct did take his job once he was gone, and that faculty member is now in fact in management. There are other examples of the college honoring dishonest behavior that really has been problematic. At least two of Alioto's favorites were elevated to management (even though they were not qualified for the posts) and they remain in those positions to this day. As to the idea of corrupt, or more corrupt, in my opinion it really all links together to create an environment and an ethic that leads us to where we are today. As for Ms. Teri V., the employee coalition had a candidate, who dropped out of the race, and they did not get another challenger, from what I was told, until July of 2010 (3-4 months before the election). This college has four open seats in November, I wonder if they have candidates lined up?
— February 2, 2014 5:44 p.m.

Judge España goes easy on Southwestern College VP

"Payne told the judge, “For me, this is a life sentence.” Payne pointed to the dusty corner lot at Southwestern that has absorbed millions of taxpayer dollars yet remains dusty." Wilson, Alioto and all the rest of them have cost South County Taxpayers millions of dollars in bond payments. Parents voted to support these bonds because we believe in our schools and our local college. We took on the debt to improve the lives of our youth. These people on trial did everything they could to serve themselves at our expense. And this Judge thinks this deserves a slap on the wrist? So, John Wilson is just a sad sack, who didn't know what he was doing because he claims the HR Office hadn't told him not to lie on his Conflict of Interest Statements. And Alioto is the victim of Southwestern College's institutional culture--What? And this from a woman who claims to feel so deeply about the community, a community she implies corrupted and failed these two crooks? Really Espana! And people like these community activists who came forward (Payne, Marinovich, Brinkman and Kirkwood) have probably spent a great deal of time these past few years having to watch their backs, because there is no way that this corrupt behavior was "unknown" to others. It is just that the "others" just choose to hang onto these corrupt officials coattails and get what they could for themselves. All these local judges and electeds do is use these issues to promote their own careers. It makes one pretty angry! Thank you Susan for also being there for our community!
— January 31, 2014 7:28 p.m.

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