School Fees Are Illegal

I would just would like to point out that the article claims no one knew what the agenda item was about about and therefore did not provide proper notice, but then the article continues with: "Seven days before the council meeting… She was irritated and upset, not because she knew the council was going to vote her off at the following week’s meeting but because, she said, school administrators would misstate the reason why they wanted her removed. It wasn’t about her laughter at the student during the previous meeting, she contended. It was about her effort to see to it that the school observe the law and stop charging students illegal fees." I don't understand how someone can claim that their intentions are good when they try to humiliate a child in front of a group of people to the point of crying. And, since she did know what the agenda item was about, why didn't she start the meeting with an apology to the student? As far as I can tell from the article, she never has apologized to the student. If my child made the effort and the courage to speak up at a SSC, I would want to know that they were safe from this type of behavior. What exactly did she teach that student? Isn't this a form of bullying the student? Is she bullying the school and the district? And could she have picked a worse time to take this position with the budget cuts the districts and schools are facing? Are we really better off having schools without althetic and music departments? I don't think so -- I think my kids benefit from these activities whether they play a sport or not. It builds a sense of school spirit, which keeps the students engaged, which keeps them in school.
— March 24, 2010 11:40 a.m.

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