Filipino Rules

Damn it! I had a good comment but my computer crapped out on me. Pretty much what everyone else said. Please do yourself a favor (and please take this in the sincerest way possible) do some introspection and find what your true (cultural) identity is. In addition to that, talk to your parents and find out what they had to go through so you could have the opportunity to treat them the way that you do. As a 2nd generation Filipino-American I did just this and it is AMAZING what your parents are willing to let you know. I also think that you might be confusing your parents speaking with an accent for broken English; there is clearly a difference between the two. From what I read, a lot of your issues stemmed from the guys that your sister and you dated. No self-respecting parent, regardless of race/ethnicity, would want their "grown" daughter to date a BOY who isn't contributing to society in any way. Plus this kid is getting you arrested?! Oh hell no, make better choices, girl. That guy's a loser. It sounds like you were behaving pretty disrespectfully to your parents. I think an apology is in order. If it weren't too late I would ask you to re-consider the title of this article to "Rejas Family Drama" as it does not represent Filipinos as a whole. Yes they're strict but as PMB said, many if not most of us are family-oriented and spiritual. I laughed to myself at the part where you said you didn't want your parents to think "Toney" was ghetto. The little prick stole a car? How the f*** would you describe that? CLASSIC! Maybe you're a little young. After a few years you might look back on this article and understand what we're talking about. Definitely not a cover-worthy article, even for a free publication. Perhaps you're taking the saying bad PR is good PR to the "n"th degree. Great job Kanye West of the publication world.
— March 5, 2010 11:43 p.m.

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