Bob Filner Rips City Hall at U-T San Diego Protest Rally Against Padres Cable Blackout

Matt, Appreciate your coverage of the issue, your characterization of me working the crowd like a pro and the video you shared of the event. But I'd respectfully disagree with you (without any disrespect to Mr. Filner) and suggest that the show's hit was the entire crowd itself, and all 14 who spoke, many straight from their heart, about the fact that they and their family members are unable to watch the Padres on TV. Many of these people are elderly and anticipate televised baseball games the way a hungry man approaches a steak. They can't afford to switch TV providers or they live somewhere that makes that impossible. Mr. Filner's promise to hold public hearings and pressure the TV executives to get a deal done was a welcome surprise Sunday. We'll hold him to it if he gets elected. But I'd humbly suggest that Harry the Heckler got the most applause and that the more emotional pleas got the warmest receptions. In short, everyone's remarks contributed equally to a successful event. To read my column, which featured many of these voices, please click here: Not to stray off-base myself, Matt, but you'll see that I quoted Mr. Filner extensively in my coverage. Our rally had nothing to do with the newspaper's owner or the political leanings or endorsement of its editorial page. This rally had everything to do with bringing Padres to the people. The fact that Mr. Filner and every other speaker were omitted from a slide show means nothing. We covered the entire event in words and pictures. It's how I'll continue to cover this particular issue and approach all my columns going forward. Thanks again for covering it yourself. Matt
— July 23, 2012 11:21 a.m.

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