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I have the utmost respect for Mr. Beiser's abilities as a math instructor and the services he provides to his school district and his students in Sweetwater Union School District, there is no disputing the major contribution he has made to his students and his district. BUT he will not get my vote as Trustee for San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). I have watched all of the candidates in District B, since before the primary election in June and on an ongoing basis through this campaign cycle. My perception of Mr. Beiser, and the incumbent (Nakamura) who was beat out in the primary, is that they were both riding Mr. Rosen’s coattails in terms of really having a solid grasp on the numbers and the very serious implications of what those numbers were saying down the road; the incumbent caught up quickly, but Mr. Beiser appeared to be “catching-up” and “getting up to speed” on the substantive issues that have been plaguing SDUSD for years. The $9M dollar grant referenced in this article is probably 3 – 4 times bigger than anything Mr. Beiser had to manage during his customer service/ retail career, was that specific question asked of Mr. Beiser, oh wait, he wasn’t interviewed for damaging “sound bites”. Mr. Rosen is obviously not trying to hide anything otherwise it wouldn’t be on his website and he wouldn’t be “making a big deal” about it (eyes rolling at the bias and drama brought in the first sentence of the article). I think what you forgot to mention, but was clearly implied by the holes in your information, is that the bid for the work went through the required and legal bid process. Shame on you Matt Potter and the Reader, for this biased uninformative piece (starting with the unflattering image in which you portrayed one candidate, but not the other) that cannot even be characterized as journalism, but rather a middle school report about who you think should win and who you think should lose. Better luck next time, GRADE D-.
— September 15, 2010 7:08 p.m.

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