Take a Hikey, Mikey

While I agree with your first statement, it is easy for your to pick one sentence out of all of my posts and label it as "that of a 13 year old girl." I agree that I could have stated it better, but my point was that there are many, many Mikey Show fans that agree with me. And actually, your entire post is wrong. The majority if the current fans that were listening to the Mikey Show felt that the current show and crew were even better than before, when he was on 105.3. They created a connection with us that was not there at the old station. The problem was, when he went to 105.3, they already had a ton of listeners. Most of the younger crowd here in San Diego listen to 105.3....the 6-10am timeslot was already established because of Howard Stern, so when Mikey went in there he kept most of that crowd (which was why he was #1 most of the time on 105.3.) When he went to 94.9, it took months for a lot of people to even realize he was back on the air. Us fans of his knew it because he announced it on his page, but the casual listener did not. The ratings before him on 94.9 were not that good, so it was an uphill climb from the very beginning. While his show was even better, they just could not garner the ratings that they did before because most young people listen to 105.3 on the radio in the morning, and the old show kept a lot of those younger listeners. A lot of the Mikey Show fans are older, and while they would listen on the radio on their way in to work, most of them were listening via the internet at work, via the ipod app, or via podcasts later in the day. Again, he had more people listening to him than any other morning show, just not on the radio where the ratings are looking. Just look at the Mikey Show facebook page (which is still up)...it has almost double the fans of any other morning show page in San Diego.
— March 22, 2012 9 a.m.

Take a Hikey, Mikey

Ken, everytime you choose to respond to this article, you look more and more like a moron. You aren't even making sense in this response, and you completely ignore what actually happened. I have tried to be respectful, and not resort to name-calling and cheap responses, but you make it impossible. Tom Johnston, who made comments above, actually makes more sense than you do. You completely ignore the fact that 91x was advertising their "non-commercial" weekend, DIRECTLY AGAINST the Mikey 28 hour show (and its 28 hours, not 48 hours like you list above....and Im sure that was a typo because of the wonderful investigative reporting that you have exemplified, like not even bothering to actually research your articles before you submit them..i.e. R Factor on Fox 5). Anyway, 91x has 364 OTHER days in a year that they could choose to run a non-commercial marathon, but they chose to do it during his 28 hour show, directly taking listeners away from his attempt to raise money for children with autism. If someone is listening to 91x for that time, it is potentially a time when they might be flipping through the channels, land on 94.9, and hear Mikey discussing Rady Children's Hospital. We will never know how many potential donors did not donate money because they were listening to 91x instead. Competition and ratings is one thing...directly campaigning against a good cause is hellish. It should be very obvious why Mikey was upset when he found out about this live on the air. Quit being an idiot and ignoring common sense and facts. You are making yourself look ignorant and close-minded, which is the opposite of what a "journalist" is supposed to be. You only hold this against him because it is Mikey. If it was one of your buddy DJ's, you certainly would make every effort to defend them if they did the same thing.
— March 18, 2012 4:24 p.m.

Take a Hikey, Mikey

What I have been trying to explain to you Tom, is that this is more than just another "radiojock" getting kicked off the air. Most of us have not only been listening to Mikey for the past 2 years...a majority of us, including me, have been listening to him for over 8 years, since he first went to mornings at Rock 105.3. You keep unfairly referring to all of the times that Mikey has been fired, but most of those were early in his career when he was an alcoholic and was always breaking limits on the air. That is not him anymore. He had his job at 105.3 for almost 6 years, and his departure from there was different than the other instances. There is a LOT of emotion wrapped around the Mikey Show...its not just me...there is an entire "M1 Nation" that is wrapped up in this thing right now, waiting to hear from Mikey as to what really happenned. You have no "horse in the race", and that is fine, but dont judge me for having emotion because you know nothing about the situation. I understand where you are coming from, and what your points are. I responded with emotion because this is a very emotional situation for us. Mikey made us a part of his life...he wasnt just on the air "talking" about BS. Him and the rest of the show would discuss everything about their lives. When Mikey's son was born, he made us a part of it. When they found out his son had autism, they made us a part of it. When his twins were born, we were a part of it. When he found out that his mother has alzheimer's, we were a part of it. When the contract with 105.3 ended, and he was off the air, and the rest of the show stayed, it was just as emotional as this (this is actually a little worse because we havent heard from Mikey). We are part of his extended "family". So it's only fair that we are wrapped up in this thing emotionally. It's not really something you can understand, and I really dont have anything else to say about it. We have different opinions and viewpoints of it, and that is fine. And of course, yes, life goes on. Its not like I am sitting in my house wrapped up in a blanket in the corner and rocking back and forth crying (aren't I?...lol)...but he was a big part of our mornings, and he will be missed.
— March 17, 2012 11:33 a.m.

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