Few details on Sweetwater district's student-data-sharing deal

I live in the Promise Neighborhood and have had questions about it since they first came to our doors asking questions for their survey (they gave out Sprouts gift cards if you answered them). I went to a public meeting about it a few months back. I left that meeting with more questions about what was really going on. The parents hired for each school to do outreach, hand out flyers, hold meetings and make connections to other parents was highlighted several times. The presenter said all the data for how well the program is working is available on their website. The presenter also said they wanted to make all neighborhoods Promise Neighborhoods in the district. Considering this is a multimillion dollar project for one neighborhood, that will be a lot of money coming from taxpayer funded grants and going who knows where. My neighbor's son received an email from Southwestern Community College about going to a Manpower meeting for job help put on for students in the Promise Neighborhood. Manpower required the college kids to take a two week class with them which was held during the day when they were all in SWC classes. My neighbor said Manpower called their house and she spoke with the woman who said her job was specifically to work with the Promise Neighborhood residents because the survey showed unemployment was a problem within it. She then asked my neighbor if she needed a job because anyone, any age, living in the Promise Neighborhood is eligible for this program. When asked how many people had gotten jobs in the Neighborhood, she said it hadn't been very successful yet. I hope more people start asking questions about this, because something doesn't seem to be adding up. It seems to have such a wide scope (cradle to grave for anyone living within the boundaries), and I am not sure who are the ones really benefiting. Thank you for writing about this Susan.
— December 29, 2013 8:57 a.m.

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