Pernicano's out

Finally something may be coming to the dilapidated Pernicano and Casa Di Baffi properties. How wonderful for Hillcrest if it could include a community plaza and plenty of public parking. Hillcrest has been patiently waiting for several decades. I hope it's worth it. Re: a "strong support for a hotel in Hillcrest" coming "from the neighborhood's hospitals"...That's great, but there are already several hotel/motels near UCSD Medical Center and Scripps Mercy. The Sommerset Hotel is adjacent to one and a plethora of motels are located at the foot of the other, offering easy access to either hospital. What do the residents say? Luke Terpstra, chairman of Hillcrest Town Council, said, “I am excited to learn that we may have a hotel project. I think it will be great for Hillcrest. I am happy that height limits will be respected, however this is one location where a little extra height would be acceptable.” I would agree up to the final comma. It should have been a period. That extra height would be what the city is calling a "density bonus" which is something many in the community are fighting against. For the most part the neighborhood is short in stature, and the streets are already congested. Before this already dense community takes more density, the city needs to open its pocketbook and build some amenities found in other neighborhoods...or build its density where they have already built transit, parks and community centers, but not here. Tootie Thomas, president of The Boulevard Business Improvement District wants development on El Cajon Boulevard. It makes sense to me. That wide street has three east and three west lanes, and many City of San Diego redevelopment dollars have been invested there. North Park has numerous neighborhood parks, recreation fields, a community center, a parking structure and more. What has the city given to Hillcrest? Back to the subject.... if a hotel is built, I hope the developer/owner/management team keeps in mind that Hillcrest and Bankers Hill are reducing the amount of car lanes to make a safe bicycle corridor through Uptown. >>> What about a significant hotel discount for all guests who arrive on two wheels?
— July 12, 2015 11:44 a.m.