MAD Gets Irate

Good job, you found out my email address and discovered my name and then looked on publicly available records to find my house on the Mills Act contact. Placing my name and address on a blog is another bad form of intimidation. In fact it is very scary tactic that someone would stoop down so low and be so careless while remaining anonymous. (Privacy Policy) My comment may not have been nice and subtle, however, it's my opinion and I have a right to share that. As you do too. I apologize if I came off to strong but I stand by my words and I've cooled off now. I am not ashamed to say my home is on the Mills Act. I would not have been able to afford Golden Hill otherwise. Particular right now. I'm a full time student at City College working on an Ethnic Studies degree dreaming to become a teacher. As for work, I work at a self dog wash. My spouse was recently laid off from his job and no work appears to be available locally. Economic times are hard. When I first moved to Golden Hill my house was a mess, bars on windows, security lights surrounding, and mold eating away the floors. The garage was in complete disrepair. We have seen what happens to homes like these if it was not for historic districts and the Mills Act. People get desperate and they sell their homes to gas stations (shell on Broadway) or tear them down and create "Mc Mansions" or they build undesirable condos. Every last wednesday of every month we have a tour group. The tour group is made up of seniors who once lived and still live in Golden Hill/South Park. They love the fact that we invite them into our home religiously. Every month we show them the projects we are working on and give them the history of the home (we have a lot of wonderful information). They also share their many stories with us about growing up in Golden Hill/South Park. Never do we hide from them the fact that this house is on the Mills Act. I'm running out of time to finish this comment. I have a fence waiting to be built in the backyard. So i must shorten this before the sun comes out. I see it peeking behind the clouds. As you can see we are very busy people and we care very much about Golden Hill. To call the police every time we have a problem is difficult, expensive, and time consuming for the city, the police dept, and us. When we as a community could do everything ourselves. I support Golden Hill and I support MAD. Shawn Freeman
— May 27, 2008 11:26 a.m.

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