WOW, this really has gotten steamed up! So, a lot has happened since I confronted my BF about his computer history looking at T4M on Craigslist. I found out that he has been hooking up with men on men-seeking-men on craigslist. Now, here is the funny(?) part - no I am really not laughing... Even though he has let men perform oral sex on him only - supposedly with no reciprocation - I emphasize supposedly - because I am only going on what he says and the emails I read that indicate it was just oral sex performed on him by other men with no reciprocation...I also did some research on men seeking men on craigslist and found out that these ads are a plenty. anyway, he says that he doesn't consider himself bi-sexual because it is only oral sex. I have no proof that it is anything but that; however, he also He says he has no desire to be with a man in any other way, anal, penetration or kissing - He says that he called himself "bi" in the emails to appear to be more 'desirable' to these men offering oral sex. What I don't understand is why do men offer oral sex to other men and not want reciprocation? I think the BF is just a selfish jerk who can get a free blow job whenever he wants one. He emphasized that when he found out it was so easy to go on craigslist and find men who would perform oral sex on him for $0.00 dollars - he was game - and he is too cheap to pay for a prostitute (no offense intended). Craigslist allowing these services has destroyed our relationship. I wish they could understand that pulling the Adult Services Section was a great victory for victims of human trafficking etc., but I wish they would pull the personals section as well - although I understand there are many other ways to find hook ups.
— November 1, 2010 12:03 p.m.

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