Cosplay in the park

Made an account just to comment on this awful article. Did the tone of her friends' voice matter? Why did you include the sighs? What does that have to do with cosplay? Things like, "Everything looks identical in Shannon’s Spring Valley subdivision, all beiges and stuccos, with the types of yards that gardeners maintain." and "Two shiny crucifixes hang around her neck. She introduces me to a housecat stretched out on the carpet. She talks to the cat in a high-pitched baby voice." have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with cosplay, and are very personal, insulting remarks. You're just judging her neighborhood and family, what's wrong with you? Also, “That reporter is here!” There is heavy emphasis on the word that." No, YOU felt that there was emphasis, so you're telling us she WAS RUDE. That's not how journalism works, you should know that. All you seemed to do was interview a very immature 19 year old girl about a subject you didn't even seem to want to know anything about. You spent more time telling us what an awful family and friends she has, and NO time explaining what cosplayers usually do. You should have been able to tell VERY EARLY IN that she was not interview material. "From the top of the stone steps, someone shouts, “Hey, sluts!”" Why was adding this necessary? It tells the readers nothing, except to show them your clearly negative disposition on cosplay. This was the most uninformative, sloppy "journalism" I've seen in a long time. And you STILL didn't educate anyone on cosplay.
— January 17, 2013 7:32 p.m.

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