Chula Vista parents protest switch to Common Core State Standards

This may have been a small group---that showed up for this event, but there are MANY, MANY who are against all of this Education Deform!! If one does not believe that my statement is true....all one has to do is go to google search and type in "Against Common Core" and you will come up with similar results as these: About 73,500,000 results (0.27 seconds). I am in a group that is growing daily at an astounding rate....bring in those who are not only against this but who are willing to FIGHT AND PUSH BACK IN A MIGHTY WAY!! We are 28,000+ teachers ---- the BADASS TEACHERS ASSOCIATION And we are the BADASS PARENTS ASSOCIATION ALSO (2000 strong in membership)... If you know longer can stand sitting on the sidelines as a benchwarmer......please come help us is like HORTON HEARS A WHO.......and every single voice MATTERS!! PS.....I practically have Arse Duncan (ooops I mean Arne) on speed-dial----we often take actions against him.........there could not be a poorer choice of a non-educator, non-teacher in a position such as his ever...........smh....personally many of us would love to see Diane such a role!!!
— September 21, 2013 6:19 a.m.

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