Afro Puffs

Let me be more Clear or Correct myself....SOME black men, especially here in SAN DIEGO, tend to be, like you say, Brainwashed into what they consider "NICE HAIR" or ATTRACTIVE....I AM NOT SAYING what NICE HAIR IS....I LOVE MY FOLKS AND ALL TEXTURES OF HAIR WE HAVE, FROM DREADS, CORNROWS, FADES, FROS...I ESPECIALLY LOVE A CHOCOLATE BROTHER, (OOH HOW I LOVE DARK SKINNED MEN, where you don't know where the chocolate begins or ends because its so BEAUTIFUL) anywho.....I HAVE NEVER felt more SUPERIOR or SPECIAL because of my hair, I ESPECIALLY HATE when people notice and talk that way about what they consider "GOOD HAIR".... I was pointing out HOW SAD it is when I get my folks coming up to me, ADMIRING my hair, then comparing their hair to mine, IT IS SAD when you have OUR young men stating what was stated on this cover, BUT ITS BEING STATED ALL AROUND THIS CITY, this article should raise awareness with us as a People, the Brainwashing/OPPRESSION really worked,.... I have had young and old black Men tell me the same "I don't date Black Girls" "I want my daughter to have Pretty hair"....Its A DAMN SHAME...You are getting the wrong idea, just like most people are getting about Ms. Salaams' article, but I GET IT, I dont believe California is for US anyhow, thats why you have so many moving down South where this would not be an issue.. So I hope this clarifies what im trying to say!! WE AS BLACK PEOPLE IN SAN DIEGO, even though we are a small community, NEED TO LOVE OURSELVES, KINKS, DARK SKIN, LIGHT SKIN, ETC..WE NEED TO TEACH OUR YOUNG NUBIAN KINGS HOW TO BE PROUD OF THEMSELVES AND OUR NUBIAN WOMEN, TEACH THEM OUR HISTORY IN THIS COUNTRY AND WHERE WE COME FROM SO THEY NEVER FORGET IT....even if they want to date another race!
— July 16, 2012 2:43 p.m.

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