To Live and Die in Oceanside

Realtalk, Great to see you majored in Psychology. Thanks for the clarification on my underlying motivation. Pardon me if you are overly sensitive, but if you care to take a moment to review, there is not "one gang" as you stated that I am offended was not publicized. The hispanic neighborhood I grew up in doesn't need any more publicity, as it has injunctions, the largest membership, connections with the slain cardinal in Tijuana, and a great number of expendable youth. I spent 2 years in Chino, Adler Hall, and 2 in Chuckawalla. I got out and received a degree in Public Administration. I work with Probation and the shot callers from different Varrio's to calm tensions. Self promotion to suit my ideas? Listen "Real", if you have a hidden agenda, then you are more than welcome to come talk to me. You can find me in the Alley on Martin Avenue, 1/2 a block east of 30th street in Logan Heights. Tell the youngsters in the alley that you are there to see me, and please, proceed with caution. You can come into my yard, eat, and conversate. This is a public forum and I have the right to express my views and concerns. My grief was with the Reader, not with anyone else. I do not have time for chatter games. As I stated, come see me, but please do so before dark. And you forgot to include the RIPs of the OTHER innocent victims next to the police officers. We already can tell who you champion for the cause. Be sure to cover the "Back the badge" sticker on your bumper when you come visit. Take comments like a grain of salt. Don't be so sensitive and offensive with name calling. MY offer stands. Come visit.
— February 24, 2008 8:07 a.m.

To Live and Die in Oceanside

Interesting cover story, but way vague and definitely NOT the hot bed of activity the media portrays. Compared to Southeast San Diego and City Heights, Oceanside is tame and cannot compare to the level of gang activity in the aforementioned areas. 11 gangs in one area? Please. Southeast San Diego has Lomita, PH, Encanto, SE Locos, SE Tokers, MV73 Locos, ST Gamma, ST 38th, Sherman ghp, 20th, 27th, Logan Heights RS, 30ta, Bayside X3, SEK LS, Market Street, WC Crips, 30th Street Crips, Lincoln Park Bloods with 3 clicks, Skyline Piru, The Basement Brims, etc, etc, etc. and that is to name a few. Not counting the number of members. Any police officer in the Southeast patrol can tell you Logan has well over 500 members. Old Town National City, had about 300, and lets not even BEGIN to mention City Heights, that has 10 or 11 hispanic gangs warring in an 10 block radius. And did we fail to mention the number of probationary/confederate stepping stone crews that platform into the existing gang? The list goes on and on. Any search of the newspaper in the last month will list shootings and homicides and gang-related activity in Shelltown and City Heights on a regular basis. Not flare-ups, but ongoing feuds that have been going on for decades. Civil war people, in your own back yards. So please, Reader, how about a story on a REAL gang plagued neighborhood, such as the Bay Vista Apartments that require 24 hour surveillance cameras and guards and people are STILL getting killed inside the complex due to a gangs' strong hold. Or contact the gang detectives who work out of the Skyline station and have them tell you about the 15 year old's who have killed 4 or 5 people and by the age of 20 are hardened murderers. They will tell you of how Paradise Hills have been professional victims, losing 4 young men to bullcrap over the last year. And about how The SouthCrest neighborhood is under seige by the local hispanic gangs that CONSTANTLY shoot it out on a WEEKLY basis on Delta, Gamma, and Boston Avenues. How do I know? I know, I was contributing to the problem for 15 years until I changed my life and have dedicated my resources to helping these young men.
— February 22, 2008 3:24 p.m.

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