It would have been prudent...

As happy as I am to have a new board, I can only hope that they will do their homework before each meeting and bring themselves up to speed on each item on the agenda, instead of just meeting with the Superintendent and listen to his/her take on the issues. One of the things the "antagonists" did every month before a school board meeting was to meet at one of our houses, go over the agenda, item by item, and prioritize items by importance and cost (bang for the buck). Some items we thought were sound items. Some we didn't. It was the later items we spoke to at meetings. We didn't do this willy-nilly. We had spend the previous weeks gathering information from administrators, public records requests, and public information. We combined all this information into a cohesive picture and would present this "picture" to the board for their consideration. Alas, four of the board members saw us as doing their job and resented the fact that we were making fools out of them for them not doing theirs'. The new board is just that... New. I can't expect them to be up to speed on every nuance of every issue to come before them over the next several months. But they better make a VERY SERIOUS effort to be up to speed SOON. Anything else will just look like the same ol', same ol' if they don't. NO EXCUSES! I could do it. So could Fran, Kathy, Maty, Bertha, and Stewart. We did it for almost four years. If we could do it... so can they.
— December 6, 2014 7:15 p.m.

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