Jonny Be Good

I'm just glad Woods wasn't able to get in that car. He seems like a genuinely good guy and hopefully he does see this as a wake-up call. As far as Mikey's proselytizing, it is ridiculous. Nobody wants to hear some ex shock jock (who admittedly screwed up his own life royally) preaching to them about how they should be living their lives. As someone who comes from a family that was taken over by evangelical Christianity, I really hate to hear this guy trying to recruit people into this cult religion...which is exactly what it is. I enjoy the morning banter (which is why I listen) and the guy is talented, I'll give him that, but I really don't think religion should be sold on the public airwaves...especially this one. It is harmful to families and gives people a sense of irresponsibility that allows them to say "Everything is in Gods hand so I don't need to take any personal responsibility". (Which is why it appeals to recovering alcoholics) Ironically, this relatively new strain of Christianity (it was invented in the U.S. in the 1800's) is now being mixed with far right-wing politics, which really is not congruent with anything Jesus ever taught. I expected this from Clear Channel because they are a Faux News type corporation that pushes a right wing agenda, but I never expected 94.9 to be associated with this kind of thing since they have always had a reputation of being an independent radio station that appeals to people who are trying to get away from cookie cutter music playlists and DJ's who push their political and religious opinions on listeners. No radio station should be giving a platform to a religion that is so intolerant of others' beliefs and creates divisions in our society in terms of "saved" and "non-saved" people. It is divisive and damaging to our society, as we have seen in the last decade or so as these zealots wage their culture war on our way of life. Because I grew up in close contact with this cult I know exactly how these people think. One scripture these preachers teach their followers is "Be gentle as a dove and clever as a serpent" when trying to convert people. (Matt. 10:16) So I am never surprised when I see all the theatrics involved in their sales pitches. If 94.9 is going to give a platform to an extremist like Mr. Esparza, (if you listen, you know he is) they should give equal air time to opposing views.
— March 11, 2010 6:12 p.m.

Media Hawk, March

It seems you have been had. I've been following this story pretty closely and have been communicating with Jones via email. Jones aka Nipsey is claiming responsibility for the party when he was not responsible for organizing it, his name was not on the invite, and according to people who were there, he wasn't even in attendance at the "party." In fact, there is no recent DVD release. This is all a chance for him to get his 15 minutes of fame at any cost, including his dignity. It's pretty obvious that this guy is willing to do a StepnFetchit act for anyone who will give him a little attention. In fact, when he was recently compared to the infamous buffoon he seemed proud and said "well, that muthaf*cka was a millionaire and he was famous." The depths of this guys ignorance is unfathomable. He is not only willing to clown himself for a little face time but he is willing to drag other people through the mud with him. If this guy had a brain he'd be dangerous. Take a look at a few of his Youtube videos (if you dare). You can hear his type of idiocy on any prison yard in America. In fact, he just got out of prison a few years ago. He played right into the hands of Roger Hedgecock (a fellow felon) the biggest racist on the airwaves in San Diego by telling him that he endorses this kind of mocking of an entire people. I wonder if Roger would be okay with a "Wetback party" (immigration is his pet issue after all) or a "Chink/Go*k" party, if a Latino or Asian attended the party and simply claimed to have organized it. On second thought, I'm afraid to actually know what his answer would be...
— March 11, 2010 1:04 p.m.

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