Jared Carson

I'm Not "420 Friendly," But "420 Allergic!"

Thanks LaPlaca, I enjoyed my time in the barrel. Let me first sincerely apologize for the Big Boy comment, I didn't think that would offend you. I really didn't. I should have been more sensitive. And those laughy emoticons do have a way of setting folks off, so heres a friendly smile. :) * I did read your whole article. * I am aware of the history of prohibition. So how would you go about fighting an immoral law LaPlacaRifa? Do you wait around for perfect legislation?? Maybe thats what people with marijuana allergies would like to do... because it's just not that important to them... But, I think you know as well as I do that if we sat around and waited for a perfect Proposition, it would never happen. The Feds and the people giving them power (our thoughtless puritan neighbors armed with their uninformed votes) are behaving immorally, perpetuating a war on our Southern Border, supporting the black market instead of the free market, and probably worst of all, locking up innocent young men and women who would have otherwise led happy peaceful lives. Your personal freedoms aren't being assaulted here LaPlaca. Ours are, and when we hear garbage like its a Gateway Drug - we know that it's a careless/thoughtless charge. The human body needs no instruction on how to be addicted to substances we find here on Earth. We are fully trained to be addicted to sugar and caffeine from the age of 8, usually earlier. Both of those substances are inarguably addictive and mind altering. Im sure you've seen how a child acts when loaded up on them. So, the only reason the 420 community is so passionate about going after someone or some group spreading the tired old arguments about why marijuana should stay illegal is, our freedoms are being hampered. If what we did affected anyone else's freedom, in any imaginable way - we would not be having this argument. If you are Pro Hemp production - you LaPlacaRifa need to be with us on this fight. - [email protected]
— July 25, 2010 8:50 a.m.

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