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InOmbra, I'm quite aware that swindlers have existed throughout the ages. That's one reason I question everything. Let's question the FDA a bit: Did you know that a very significant portion of the FDA's budget comes from user fees that the drug companies pay? Yes. The FDA works as much, if not more, for the drug companies as it does the consumer. Sixty-five percent of the cost of approving a new drug comes directly from the pharmaceutical company. Now get this - pharmaceutical companies actually LOBBIED to get the bill passed that instated the fees. Maybe they liked the idea of the FDA cashing their checks. Watch Burzynski The Movie. The FDA requires people to buy and ingest toxic chemotherapy medication they don't want before they are allowed to buy a cancer treatment they do want. Do you condone this? Or how about this story where a NJ Congressmen pushed the FDA to approve a faulty medical device. (http://www.jacksonnjonline.com/2009/09/25/nj-co...). In addition to the death stats posted, you may want to consider all the FDA approved drugs that people suffer injuries from. Just look up "drug injury" and you will find plenty of information about FDA approved prescription drugs that have harmed people. Are you feeling safe yet? Luckily there is still freedom of speech so that I have access to all this information. Unfortunately, we don't have any choice whether our money goes to the FDA or not. Taxes are not optional. If you could choose where you put your money would you choose an organization with a track record like the FDA? Now let's tackle your assertion that I am not able to decide on my own whether raw milk was a good choice for my family. After being introduced to the potential health benefits, I talked to our pediatrician, other parents and families that consume raw milk, I found re-sellers of milk and talked to their dairy managers (one goes to the dairy to inspect every year and feeds the milk to his kids), I investigated the dairies and got copies of the independent inspections (If you don't know how to use a microscope there are folks for hire that can), I looked for past news stories about the dairy, and I called the dairy itself. The dairy provides tours to interested consumers. I looked into the history behind pasteurizing milk. Through my conversations I learned how to evaluate milk NOT to buy. After weighing this information, the potential health benefits, and of course the potential risks, I made a decision for us that I am willing to take full responsibility for. Prior to this I had made a mistake in giving my daughter soy milk. It made her sick, and I wish I hadn't given it to her, but I don't think others should be prohibited from drinking soy milk. I like having the freedom to make my own decisions and I respect the right of others to choose for themselves too. Jaclyn
— April 5, 2012 2:41 p.m.

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