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Oh, the Language! Oh, the Noise!

Incognito: I learned a lot from your post. I wanta thank you for sharing. I am dealing with sort of the same legal issue, (bad management, unethical employees) at an apartment complex in San Diego. Case-wise the people at Potiker would seem to have a lot of things on their side. They just need to get a move on and start the legal process. They should use digital recordings of statements made in public, which I believe would be admissable in court. I've been using an Olympus digital voice recorder. If you're creative it's very easy to hide. It's so small that sometimes no one notices it in your hand, although on a rare occasion a sharp individual will spot it. No matter, you can tape it to your body underneath light clothing. I use an Olympus (the VN-960) that's an absolute wonder in that it has been super reliable over the years and has never given me any trouble despite being used on a daily basis. Olympus discontinued the VN-960. Recordings are a great way to catch unethical business people in the act of violating the law. I called Olympus a few days ago to find an equivalent model because like a spare tire for your car back ups are crucial when you're on the lower bottom of the totem pole and you're gathering evidence against someone with mucho power who's perched at the top of the totem pole. And when you're seriously outnumbered. And when you're dealing with people who have power who think they're above the law, laws written by lawmakers for a good reason. The Olympus VN-6200 is the equivalent model to my VN-960. I don't work for Olympus. But like those senior citizens I'm in a war that I really don't want to fight but have no choice in that I must fight. And when you're at war you need the best tools to get the job done especially when the balance of power between the two combatants is grossly uneven. And thus I hope they're reading this, I hope I helped them in their cause and I hope I saved them some time in searching for the right tool in that big haystack a.k.a. the Internet. I was reading a review at Amazon that was written by a cop. He was reviewing an Olympus digital voice recorder he had purchased. He said that he turns it on at the beginning of his shift and then tucks it in his pocket. He then turns it off at the end of his shift. That's a smart thing to do considering the great propensity supposed honest people have for lying at the drop of a dime. And I, based on my experience, include in that category those that are inveterate church goers who go to Sunday school once a week to be schooled on issues that pertain to morality and honesty, but yet don't appear to put into practice what their spiritual leader teaches them. If the senior citizens at Potiker can find a good, competent, reasonable judge then it would appear that they'd have a good case that they just might win. I wish them well. I hope they take action. And I hope they win.
— August 5, 2010 7:19 a.m.

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