Questionable Contract for Southwestern College?

AMEN, johndewey, AMEN! Your point is very well-taken and is a direct bullseye hit. The public trust in SWC is shot to heck, and Ms. Tyner's response is a prime example of the "leadership" (note the quotes) problems that led to SWC accreditation woes. Just because faculty were on that farce of an RFP committee, that's no guarantee to prevent or prohibit "under the table" deals that may have taken place outside the committee. Faculty were on the committees that hired past presidents like Zasueta and Chopra. Where did those committees' efforts take us? Ms. Tyner, don't try to divert attention from the facts with your attempt to place some of the responsibility on faculty. Check the identified negative accreditation issues. The SWC faculty were NOT at the heart of the "ding" SWC received from WASC. Hold up the mirror and share it with Nish and the others at the top of the pyramid to see where the real problems lie. Oh how so many of us long for REAL leadership (without the quotes) at SWC. Of course the board is on the hook here, too. Let's not forget the November elections. Peraza...Roesch...are you reading and listening? Did you see the razor-thin margin by which your buddy Valladolid won her seat last time against someone who was a near-unknown entity? That's a sign of how UN-liked incumbents are nowadays. House-cleaning seems to be a perpetual process among SWC board seats. To interested responsible community leaders: Step up and show your concern by throwing your hat in the ring for a board seat. We need you!
— July 16, 2012 10:01 a.m.

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