I Didn't Steal the Dog. I Rescued It.

This is a sad story filled with enough drama for the makings of a TV movie. A man's dog, Elvis, is gone. A dog that he had gone to great lengths and expense to get. A dog that he searched for relentlessly by involving detectives, posing as a jewelry buyer and calling Vukov over 300 times, and driving day and night to find. Only to come so close to being reunited with Elvis and to find that he had been stolen again from Vukov's gated back yard by possibly another animal lover or the dog trainer. A compassionate woman who can't bear to leave behind the broken down dog pleading her to rescue him from the dirt hole that he has dug to find refuge from the hot Escondido sun where he licks the bloody wounds inflicted by the sadistic trainer's beatings to make him submissive. A woman, barely able to provide a home for herself and two teenage daughters, who chooses to add an extra burden to her life to kidnap and nurture a starved, feces ridden dog covered with flies and maggots from his hellhole. A court of law that must decide the reasonableness of a person in taking their custody an abused dog that belonged to someone else to protect it. A jury so taken by emotion they take a day to deliberate the issue. And last, the dog trainer who aggrandizes himself with elite professional credentials of European accomplishments that no one questions.... A trainer that parlays what would have been a simple $1,500.00 dog training job into an annual revenue of probably $40,000.00 or more by training three dogs (Elvis and the two he sold Afgani for $8,500.00) and upselling his training and coaching services that could take a couple of years and easily be $3,000.00 per month. The trainer's cost - a wire and hook to contain the dog, a girlfriend that feeds the dog one dish of dry food at night, and a little of his time to continue duping the dog owner that he'll win the title if he keeps buying more dogs and training. America, what a country.... Where's the animal rights people when a dog needs them?
— October 28, 2011 2:19 p.m.

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