Borrego: Casa del Zorro coming back

Wow, Visdun, what dark cloud were you born under? Do you go through life looking for the bad things? Do you see a beautiful woman, but only notice a small blemish? Perhaps you have lived in Borrego and have suffered from its numerous failures delivered by bad decisions and difficult economic times. Poor vision and mismanagement has plagued this community which unfortunately, has been living under dark clouds of doubt. The community has suffered, but it should not be blamed for the mistakes of previous decision makers. I’m an optimist and believe a new day has arrived! The sun is breaking through and its first rays are shining brightly on Casa del Zorro. Doubt, despair and disappointment are being replaced with hope, and promise, which with time will lead to confidence and trust. The new owners are bright, well connected and well financed. They stole Casa and we will all benefit from their good fortune. They can afford to make it the jewel in the desert it once was. I’ll bet they make it better than their predecessors’ ever dreamt. Let's hope the Borrego Springs Resort and Rams Hill also finds qualified owners. If they do, the sun will shine on this beautiful small desert town which is unknown, undiscovered and an enigma to the rest of the country. The beauty of Borrego is that it isn’t Palm Springs. There isn’t a Burger King or Pep Boys on every corner and you don’t drive down endless canyons of walled estates and communities. People in Borrego are not flashy, despise bling, and don’t feel the need to show off. They appreciate the desert’s natural beauty. They enjoy the stars, a bike ride up Yaqui Pass, desert flowers, the quiet, the peace, indeed the tranquility offered by this remote desert town. Borrego will always be that way because it is blessed with a limited water supply. It will never be Palm Springs where they stamp out a new golf community every year. This endless supply means that their homes never appreciate. In so many ways it is the opposite of beach front property. They have an endless supply of land, water, and flashy LA bling. Borrego doesn’t, but the sun is beginning to shine and I hope your spirits are warmed by it.
— February 10, 2013 12:24 p.m.

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