Ex Carlsbad Attorney Patricia Gregory to Serve One Year in Jail

I think all people who have been hurt by this ex lawyer felon Patricia Gregory should pool together in common friendship to bring true justice to all victims of this felon. From hear-say reporting not fully public info, we hear many in the justice system, police dept, and sheriff dept are proud to be part of this rare white collar crime that did end with TRUE jail time and a 5 year formal probation. Many white collar criminals DO get away with jail time and prison. Just ask Bonnie Dumanis. Granted Gregory has maybe the 50% release ticket, the defendant IS doing true jail time. I for one believe Gregory will do hard time in the real sense of the word. Las Colinas is much worst in some and many ways than state prison. If ALL victims and other clients that believe they were conned by this felonious ex lawyer come forward now, maybe there will be a more JUST sentence with another trail. I believe also that the victims working close with the probation dept can bring more facts to the case that will bring Patricia Gregory to a must pay restitution of more jail time ticket. I believe there is possibly MANY more victims out there hiding that have been maybe threatened by this felon NOT to come forward and prosecute her. This fleon did every trick in the book no doubt. Gregeory's lawyers LOST this case. Some lawyers are professional liars. Or ... isn't that ALL lawyers? Patricia Gregory will be branded for the end of time and her natural life as a thieving jailbird felon. Maybe also more attorneys, and maybe judges Gregory knows, will be possibly judged by the system for their lies and thefts also.
— February 29, 2012 7:53 p.m.

Ex Carlsbad Attorney Patricia Gregory to Serve One Year in Jail

We all agree that more prison time would have been better. However, Dumanis did not even want to charge Gregory at first. Maybe Dumanis should do the rest of the time. Say 4 years in prison for obstruction of justice? The plea bargin set a maximum of 1 year in jail with 5 years Formal Probation. Patricia Gregory GOT the maximum. Bonnie Dumnais the hard core gay advocate protected Gregory for a long time. We all know that. I further believe the judge would have given Gregory 3 years in prison if it was not for the plea bargin. Gregory's attorneys were actually the ones who did Gregory absolutely no good in my opinion. I mean WHY would they plea bargin if their "pillar of the community" fellow scumbag attorney friend Patricia Gregory wanted to go all the way, which would have taken 5 more years of BS the plantiffs would of had to go through. The DA had the opportunity to plea for a longer maximum sentence but they did not because of some mysterious reasons. Being that Gregory is a "thief and a con" I can only believe she was probably scamming her fantastic fellow lawyer defense attorneys. The facts are the Gregory camp lost. They lost keeping Gregory out of jail. Las Colinas is NOT a walk in the park and neither is Vista jail. Patricia Gregory lost her ticket to practice law forever being disbarred. The people believe she probably will not stop practicing law once released. Her attorneys argued for her to work as a paralegal once released. LOL! Are these guys jokers? Patricia Gregory also got 5 years of Formal Probation along with the 1 year sentenced, plus lost her state bar ticket. Most think Gregory should have gotten more time however with her track record there is a posibility that Gregory could go back to jail for probation violations. 5 years formal probation is not a walk in the park either. The people won. Gregory and her attorney's lost. Gregory Lost her law license. Gregory got a year in jail. Gregory got five years formal probation. Gregory has hundreds of thousands of dollars of non-dismisable debt. Gregory is a felon for life. 5 points for the people. Zero Gregory. Yipee!
— February 25, 2012 8:08 p.m.

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