Marriage Protection Act

Someone hasn't read the Declaration of Independence lately... notice how it was deliberately left out of the post by Barbarella 12:28 p.m., Aug 11, 2008? Here is a short sample: ... to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's GOD entitle them... that they are endowed by their CREATOR... Now I have no issue with some people choosing NOT to believe in imaginary friends, including our sweet, sweet Barbarella. But, having quoted the First Amendment accurately (as far as I can tell by a brief review) how can she explain how atheists use it to try and suppress the free and open expression of religion? I'd still like someone, ANYONE, to address the main lie that's been told with regards to gay marriage - that being that NOT allowing them to marry people of the same sex is discriminatory. I can't marry someone of the same sex either. Nobody can. They, like everyone, have exactly the same right to marry someone of the opposite sex. This is seen as an attack on traditional families and traditional values and I see plainly it is exactly that. Keep God out of it at your peril if you like, I don't care. (I say that because you can analyze the severity of the two error cases - if there IS a God and you deny it, versus if there isn't a God and you say there is. Which error has the worst potential consequences?) While we're here, how come vegans are against killing animals but generally seem supportive of killing human fetuses? That's another question I'd like someone to explain to me.
— August 11, 2008 5:28 p.m.

Marriage Protection Act

You know, I have problems with Brown deliberately misrepresenting the requested change with his altering the wording of the matter from what the people said they wanted it to be. How is this legal? How is it he hasn't been charged with criminal tampering or removed from office or something? Even the statement, "The act seeks to amend the California State Constitution so that marriage will be limited to the union of one man and one woman." seems a little odd to me since a more accurate statement would be that the act seeks to keep marriage what it has always been without mention of sex. The argument I never hear is this: Gays say all they want is equality. The fact is they always have had, and still have, exactly the same right as everyone else. This push to create a new form of marriage is what's really going on. The State only recognized marriage because of the obvious benefits that a procreating family brings to society. NO matter how you slice it, two women or two men can't create a baby without third party help. This despite claims of the first "pregnant man", actually a gender confused woman, but not confused enough to make the full change by having her FEMALE organs removed, obviously. I have gay friends - oddly enough none of them feels the need to fight for the right to "marry" since they freely admit they have the same right I do - to marry anyone of the opposite sex that they choose. They just choose not to. Is that so hard to understand?
— August 11, 2008 9:52 a.m.

Do Immigrants Make Better Neighbors?

Notice the duplicity. The question posed is "Do Immigrants Make Better Neighbors?" Setting aside the racial/ethnic hatred that is buried in the question, which might seem to suggest that the natural-born non immigrants are somehow not as desirable, who cares? Seriously, who cares if your neighbor is an immigrant or not? What matters is being a good neighbor, not whether you're an immigrant or not. Furthermore, the question sneaks up on being a lousy plug for illegal immigration so I'll answer it in that context. No, illegal immigrants, who've already shown how much they care about obeying our laws by NOT doing so, do NOT make better neighbors - because they are criminals by choice. Now that I've had my say, let me ask my neighbor, Mark, what he thinks. Stand by for a second. OK he says he's tired of the illegal immigrants who live next door to him mistreating his dog, who is near the end of her life and probably will wind up in the animal hospital or worse due to one of the many things (ranging from barbecue utensils to fruit off trees) the illegal immigrants and their guests regularly throw over the tall fence at her. In other words, things that don't find their way over the fence by accident. My other neighbor - she's tired of the chicken bones that the illegal immigrants throw over HER fence which HER dogs may ingest - you may know chicken bones are potential pet killers too if eaten by said pets. So I don't know, do YOU think ILLEGAL immigrants make good neighbors, or what?
— May 19, 2008 1:12 a.m.

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