Canyon Trails Traffic Jam

The Del Mar Mesa Preserve consists of sensitive lands that have been set aside for protection as mitigation ("to make up for") resource damage in other nearby areas such as the Mira Mesa Marketplace development -- which destroyed a large vernal pool habitat in violation of federal law, and the SR56 project. Protected lands on Del Mar Mesa are managed by the City of San Diego, State of California, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The overriding mandate for the protection of these lands is the MSCP, or Multiple Species Conservation Plan, to which all the above-listed parties subscribe, in addition to other stakeholders including the development industry, environmental and recreational user constituencies. It is absolutely critical to the success of the MSCP, and to future growth in our region, that these highly senstive MSCP lands be protected. Once damaged or destroyed, whether it be by one or a hundred willful or unwitting actions on the part of preserve users, these sensitive resources will not bounce back. We support the recent administrative actions by the resource agencies to safeguard the Del Mar Mesa Preserve through a temporary administrative closure to recreational uses, at least until the publication and adoption of the Resource Management Plan which is currently under development and scheduled for review by the advisory committee in March, 2009. - Geoffrey Smith, Chairperson, Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)
— December 14, 2008 8:33 a.m.

Will These Keep the Lights On?

Dave Hogan clearly points out the very significant consequences of running utility infrastructure through our public lands. Kudos to him for those observations. Add to the plant, animal, and human costs of such abuse of these lands that the proposed power line would cause: Thousands of acres of existing and proposed federal wilderness lands, currently pending in the US Congress as S.493 (Boxer) and H.R.860 (Solis), 'The California Wild Heritage Act'. Some of the wild and remote places in the San Diego back country included in this bill are: Eagle Peak Complex Wilderness proposal – 24,488 acres Hauser Wilderness Additions proposal – 7,604 acres Sawtooth Mountains Wilderness Additions proposal – 6,518 acres Carrizo Gorge Wilderness Addition proposal – 6,508 acres Pine Creek Wilderness Addition Adjustment proposal – 214 acres San Diego Wild and Scenic River proposal – 9 miles long Cedar Creek Wild and Scenic River proposal – 6 miles long Pine Valley Creek Wild and Scenic River proposal – 7.5 miles long Each of the proposed wire allignments would directly or indirectly impact one or many of these special places. Do we want to leave a legacy of designated federal wilderness lands for future generations -- with our apologies? "We are sorry, children, that the solitude and pristine wilderness qualities of these national heritage lands are now compromised because the greed of a few overpowered the sanctity of our national wilderness heritage." I don't believe we should have to make those apologies. Keep the wilderness wild. Let's generate our power in-basin, and let's talk about conservation. For the sake of wilderness. More:
— May 28, 2008 11:06 p.m.

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