Fred Williams

Could Major League Soccer kick the city where it counts?

Imagine a university that invested in education instead of sports shows. Imagine a city that didn't waste tax money subsidizing sports shows. Imagine a country that didn't divert attention and assert nationalism through sports shows. Sports shows make people stupid, complacent, and easy to manipulate. That's why serial con men like John Moores buy them, trading on the misguided love of the plebes for a team to mask a grand scale robbery of the public. Sports shows distract from important issues, and provide a convenient source of shock troops. Oppose a stadium give away and you'll have burly groups of fans threatening you online and in person. Every fascist movement in history has had the rabid support of sports fans in the vanguard of their most violent mobs. A nation than pours money, prestige and attention to sports shows is squandering opportunities, deluding itself with self-congratulatory propagandist slogans, and dooming a too large percentage of its young people to life long injuries in the name of entertaining the fans. Sports shows, games, school subverting entertainments that rely on abusing the bodies of young men to entertain businessmen and sell beer...are no more moral than strip clubs. But at least in strip clubs the entertainers are more likely to finish their education and be functionally literate than the average college football scholarship-serf. San Diego had reason to be proud, rejecting the extortion of the Spanos clan. For the so-called leaders of the city to to immediately rush into throwing more money at more sports shows is shameful.
— March 10, 2017 5:58 a.m.