Fred Williams

He's an engineer, not a gay porn star

This smells rotten, like a fishing expedition, looking to cut off the heads off those who dare speak against the wealthy and well-connected. I'll assert with 100% confidence that Erik Hanson is NOT the author of these juvenile prank sites. No reasonable person would name him as a suspect. Yet the lawyers on the payroll of the oligarchs who want to permanently deface the city's crown jewel bandy him about, effectively punishing him for exercising his civic duty to publicly oppose bad policy. I am also confident that the entire suspects list is exclusively populated by opponents to this project. So these half-bright legal goons are goose-stepping to the courts to flim-flam fig-leafs for law enforcement to get microscopic on any who dare speak up about a bridge and parking project. It's not enough to use sock-puppets, buy-off politicians, hire former journalists to soft serve smarm. These tricksters have got a new rabbit to pull out of their black top hats. The billionaire class, and their minions, can mysteriously encounter and be deeply injured by prank sites, perhaps created by their own puerile minded associates, which any reasonable person would laugh off and ignore (seems you had to go out of your way to find them, almost like someone knew where to look). Abracadabra, hocus-pocus, there's a reason to dig into the online records of critics of the magic money boy's pet project. Erik, though I've never met you, we've interacted in comments for years. Having also dared criticize the San Diego oligarchs, I could easily find myself in your shoes, publicly framed, named as a suspect, facing the prospect of investigation on the basis of this stinky fish story. Have you contacted the Institute for Justice? Their lawyers and volunteers may be interested in representing your interests...
— June 24, 2017 12:38 a.m.

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