Citizens Denied Attendance to Sweetwater Union High Meeting

This district has become an embarrassment for all of us who work there. As a taxpayer who lives in the area and who has SUHSD's payments on my property taxes, I am outraged. As an employee, I am disgusted and ashamed. We have begged, pleaded, coaxed, reasoned, and used every persuasive tool we have to convince the public about what kinds of dirty tricks are going on right under their noses. You found us to be "whiners" and "greedy". We gave the board the benefit of the doubt, thinking when the two assistant superintendents were ousted, surely the board would realize what a horrible mistake they had made, but they have proven over and over that they are in Gandara's pocket (and now we know they are even in his multiple expense accounts). People with amazing integrity and talent are fired, forced to resign, demoted, and harrassed into retiring or relocating while the criminals who run this district strengthen their power base by promoting booty-kissing incompetents. The wolves have been allowed to guard the henhouse, and any roosters left are swiftly being replaced with more wolves! If they crow, they are eaten alive, plain and simple. We had an opportunity to place some people with integrity on the board, and we squandered it by choosing the same old familiar names on the ballot instead of really educating ourselves as voters about who was running and what his or her record really was. I could go on and on, I could even give more examples of incredibly dirty tricks that have been played at the expense of students and that haven't come out in the press, but guess what? I need a job like everyone else, and I know what happens if I write anything that identifies me. I have seen what Gandara and his cronies are capable of. There is one thing I can say for Gandara -- he is very clever and very effective at what he does (and I am NOT talking about so-called student achievement gains). Anyone who underestimates him is a fool. Wake up, South Bay! If he walks out of here with lifetime benefits that we have to continue paying for long after he is just a bad memory, then we deserve whatever we get. Make some noise! It's time YOU started calling the cops instead of THEM!!!
— May 21, 2011 11:22 p.m.

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