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Let's set the record straight. On May 18th, the Board of Directors of City Beautiful of San Diego, Inc. (CB) held it's monthly board meeting. City Beautiful is a 501 (c) (3) organization, operation of which is governed by the state's incorporation statutes. These generally allow the organization's bylaws to state the policy with respect to open or closed meetings. The CB Bylaws state the following with respect to meetings: Section 5.10 Member Attendance Only at Board Meetings Unless By Invitation. Unless by written invitation from the President, only members of the Board of Directors may attend board meetings. Carolyn Matteo did not receive an invitation to attend this meeting as she states. There was no public notice given for the meeting as it was a private meeting. The board was under no obligation to allow her to stay. Although she identified herself as a journalist, she is clearly known to be an advocate for opposition to proposals set forth by the Friends of Kate Sessions Park, as evidenced by her signature (#2) on the online petition against the 24 hour ban on alcohol at Kate Sessions Park. Although identified as a hostile participant at our meeting, she was advised that this was a meeting of the BOD of CB and she could stay for the duration if she was willing to turn off her video and other recoring devices. She refused, continued to act in a disruptive manner and was then asked to leave the meeting. It was only when we finally called the police to remove her from the meeting did she reluctantly leave. Note: Friends of Kate Sessions Parks currently operates under CB. On occasion, FOKSP has held public meetings regarding issues at Kate Sessions Park. These meetings are publicly and adequately noticed. Michelle Youngers Board Member, City Beautiful of SD
— June 18, 2010 10:26 a.m.

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