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I am not sure how this article is "fun"...it must be due to one's inability to see this story through a lens other than their own...and to tell everyone to calm down is simply insane when it comes to deep sensitive social issues and HISTORY...especially when it hits a nerve that is FOREVER being hit while simultaneously individuals and organizations work diligently to try to OVERCOME such nonsense over and over again. Trust, if you were a "black" girl...the cover of this month's issue would lead you to feel as if, once AGAIN, society has announced that they think something is WRONG with you...it stems from a long bloodline of painful memories related to racism, sexism and those who still think this does not exist. Whether covert or overt, and yes, even one who is "black" can have this mentality. The part that is most hurtful is that the writer somehow may feel that she has enlightened us with a series of experiences, using her children to keep this topic as "light" as possible (although I actually appreciate their honesty and observations just not the way the ADULTS used it), but it is obvious that a true sense of culture has been stripped away by what they have managed to accomplish (not taking anything away from the accomplishments, just saying)...and using Southeast as a basis for, and apparently the only place, "where you can find your roots" in San Diego is ignorant. Culture is everywhere, Honey...and there is ONLY one race and that's the HUMAN RACE. Yes, there are other "smart black kids" in San Diego and some of them live in Southeast...you can also pick up a book, or visit a museum, or look up some of the people who invented some of the products you're using. Anyway, without going to town on this article because I do speak this in LOVE...the cover was very misleading and the article truly let us know that we still have a long way to go.
— July 12, 2012 5:16 p.m.

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