Retail can turn you into a number

I worked at Nordstrom for four years selling shoes and this perfectly describes the life of every employee. Getting hit with returns happens daily because of the rampant abuse of Nordstrom's (non-existent) return policy. Customers are pretty much free to 'rent' merchandise from the store with no consequence, except perhaps a sideways glare from a disgruntled employee who's paycheck is depleting. At the end of one particularly grueling day, I finally managed to crawl out of the thousand-dollar hole I'd been in by selling a pair of $625.00 Aquatalia boots. After laboring for 90 minutes with this lady, she committed. She loved them so much, she assured me, that she didn't even need the box! I was thrilled for about 20 minutes until a girl from customer service came into the stockroom with the returns of the night--and the boots. I was pissed about the return, losing $65 (on my 10%), but mostly because she was a pussy who returned them in customer service. When you're shopping at Nordstrom, be considerate that they are not getting paid just to watch you try on clothes and then put them all away. If you need help that's great, but don't waste their time. Oh and to answer a previous question: No, there is not someone in the back who goes and gets all the shoes for me and then nicely puts them away. That person is me. The 12 pairs of pumps, 9 pairs of boots, 6 flats, 4 wedges, and cute little sandal with the bow in ALL 6 colors that you tried on but are "so sad none of them worked out", I collected and carried all of those down a flight of stairs to bring them to you. And yes, now I'm super stoked to put them all away. - 8147308
— March 13, 2013 4:42 p.m.

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