The Park After Dark

Burwell and Williams need to fact check. Being homeless is not illegal. As a matter of fact, a couple years ago, in order to deal with the homeless issue, which is a county issue, the county of San Diego, set a precedent that the county did not have to authority to make statutes involving state property. It is a municipal infraction for people to reside or sleep in public or private properties that they do own or that are not specifically designated for residence but this does not include state owned properties including state parks or other places like trolley stops etc. which are built on state owned property. Furthermore, there are currently no programs for holding the homeless indenture and requiring them to perform hard labour in recompense for being a blight on the public. Many of them are the result of a financial measure put in place by Ronald Reagan when he was governor of California. In order to bring California out of bankruptcy, one solution he came up with was to evaluate the mentally ill who were in instututions at the expense of the California Welfare system. Those who were found not to be a danger to themselves or others were released and funding for the program was 86ed and re-appropriated to the bankruptcy issue. Where were they released to? To their sponsor, the state, the streets. Of course they gravitated to warmer climes and so to southern California they came. And finally, the homeless proplem is a social problem. There is a separation of church and state so christian ethic is the last point of detail the government is going to take into consideration when, kicking around the idea of the mass murder of all AMERICAN CITIZENS who have chosen an unpopular lifestyle, is God. Especially when they have spent so much time and money on the court system to ensure the public doesn't just go around doing this on their own. And, understanding that I haven't read the bible recenty, but I'm pretty sure based on the last time I did read it, that God, in pretty much every religion I'm familiar with, frowns upon both murder, and intolerance for your fellow man.
— August 15, 2009 12:29 p.m.

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