David Malcolm a Negotiator for South Bay Power Plant Cleanup?

DAVID MALCOLM: A CONVICTED FELON for previously taking large sums of under-the-table graft from Duke Power regarding this same South Bay Power Plant (SBPP) while he was a San Diego Port Commissioner representing (more like fleecing and undermining!) Chula Vista. EXPUNGED?? - more like politically connected enough to have a friendly judge remove or delete the conviction from his personal criminal record. His FELONY CONVICTION may be gone from court records, but is still a matter of record in the South Bay (widely covered by the Union Tribune and SD Reader then). NEGOTIATOR?? Mayor Cheryl Cox freely admits to being in contact and recently involving David Malcolm with Dynergy and future demolition, cleanup and remediation of the SBPP site - how stupid can a politician and mayor be?: Hey, lets call up the same felon who fleeced us earlier on this deal and see if he can do an encore for us. Malcolm is lurking in this muck in hopes of collecting yet another pay check from the same bank he heisted earlier. ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR CLEANUP?? That is even more insane and idiotic than involving David Malcolm - another hare-brained idea from Mayor Cox (seconded by her yes-woman, Councilwoman Pam Bensoussan). Most entities would gladly pay large sums of money to DIVEST and ELIMINATE responsibility for demolition, cleanup and remediation - but Cheryl wants the Chula Vista taxpayers (who currently have a negative balance in their municipal coffers) to ASSUME responsibility and liability for this legal and financial time bomb and can of worms. The Port of San Diego and Dynergy currently have those responsibilities and the City of Chula Vista should give thanks three times a day that those other agencies now have those liabilities and not CV.
— March 22, 2011 9:19 a.m.

What Can Chula Vista Do with the South Bay Power Plant?

Sorry, I inadvertently left out Laura Hunter of the Environmental Health Coalition (EHC), and she deserves much recognition. Ms. Hunter was very active and proactive in the last failed attempt to develop the Chula Vista bayfront. In fact, EHC with fellow travelers from the SD Labor Council (Jerry Butkiewicz, et al) can claim full credit for sabotaging a desirable deal with Gaylord to develop the CV bayfront by demanding a sweetheart labor deal. Additionally, Ms. Hunter got a bogus over-paid CV City position for her protegee Alison Rolfe (ex-Audobon Society tout) with then CV Mayor Padilla, reputedly in exchange for Padilla's support of some the EHC agenda (often different from the citizen agenda) on the CV bayfront. Ms. Rolfe went on to peddle her services, at inflated prices, to Pacifica Corp. the wannabee developer of the CV bayfront. Further, part of that quid pro quo, scratch-my-back, back room deal was the subsequent appointment of Padilla to the Calif. Coastal Commission (brokered by EHC) after his Mayoral term expired. Despite their usual under the table shenanigans, occasionally (not often enough!) EHC does some public good. In the case of the South Bay Power Plant, they DID play a part in removing the eyesore power lines from the SB Power Plant. EHC also has some credible research and reports on the SB Power Plant. Too bad EHC can't desist from maneuvering in the shadows and political chicanery long enough to focus on positive environmental resources.
— March 17, 2011 6:18 a.m.

What Can Chula Vista Do with the South Bay Power Plant?

I happen to know a bit about the SB Power Plant on the CV bayfront (I was on the Chula Vista City environmental commission (RCC) and Bayfront Citizens Advisory Committee, plus a degree in environmental engineering and another in mechanical engineering specializing in power generation). But most important is the cast of characters mentioned, many of whom I know personally and all of whom I know about: - Bensoussan: ignorant and uninformed on these matters; a lap dog for Mayor Cox - Padilla: bright, but overly ambitious and two-faced and untrustworthy - Cox: also ignorant on these matters and a complete fool for involving David Malcolm (already convicted once for selling out the Port re this power plant) - David Malcolm: a convicted felon, graft tainted politico, completely self centered and not to be trusted on anything - but has the gift of gab (like Padilla) and can chase a buck as long as it ends up in his own pocket - Ramirez: usually asleep at the switch as a CV Councilman; nice guy but not all that bright - Sandoval, CV City Mgr.: a loyal "soldier" which means he'd do most anything Mayor Cox wanted So out of almost everyone mentioned, this is a Ship of Fools and ego driven people out for their own interests and not necessarily the interests of the public and their constituency. The contract(s) with Dynergy passed muster with Port, and later City of CV, staff and attorneys and apparently none were bright enough to include usual contract provisions for liability and responsibility (for cleanup) - especially in the event of bankruptcy. Our tax dollars at work. What a mess.
— March 16, 2011 1:37 p.m.

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