I.B. Watchdog Finds Signs of Election Tampering

The recent elections for the most part will maintain the status-quo. Tony Serrano should be getting his award for: "Tainting and skewing the outcome of the recent local elections in favor of the incumbent candidates and Mr. Spriggs...since those are the only signs Mr. Serrano and his crews didn't harvest in weeks prior to the recent local elections ! " "Dis-Honorable Mention" awards go for the Union Tribune and Eagle Times newspapers for not notifying the public timely of public debates or the issues. Special Award to the Eagle Times Editor Dean Eckenroth for his demonstration of Freedom of The Press by charging candidates PER WORD to be published. May the richest man print the most words ? Also a runner-up for "DIS-HONORABLE MENTION" (and also available for real criminal prosecution) would be Code Enforcement Officer David Garcias for his part in Violating the Municipal Code Sign Code which states that: Political and Religious signs are immune from enforcement ! DUH ? Bias and Un-Equal Enforcement of sign ordinances has been clearly demonstrated during the recent political campagin. City Staff has had a deep impact in the perception of candidates running for poitical office. In some cases, enough signs were removed that some voters didn't even know the names of challenger candidates. Selective pruning of challenger's signs and overlooking violations of "THE BOSS's Signs" and the IBCC Rubber Stamp Candidates Ed Spriggs gave a distinct advantage to Garcias' and Serrano's BOSSES ! Was it legal ? This is San Diego County.....don't hold your breath waiting for indictments. They just gave Tony Serrano an award???....and you are silent? SO ....WHO CARES?
— December 5, 2010 11:33 a.m.

I.B. Watchdog Finds Signs of Election Tampering

<http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2010/dec/02/...> This is the same Public Works Employee who admitted to San Diego Police Department investigators that: he in fact removed political signs from private property at the Auto Zone....outside the City Limits of Imperial Beach! And the Sherriff's Department see's fit to give him an award? While removing those signs is probably a violation of Federal Voters Rights Legislation, State Law and even the City's own Municipal Code that exempts political and religious signs, Tony Serrano was given an award by the Sheriff's Department ! Do you need to ask any other questions about Constitutional Government, Due Process or Democracy? The case in San Diego City Limits has been tranferred and married to the case under investigation by the Imperial Beach Sheriff's Department, which has obviously decided what action they might take against Tony Serrano and his immediate supervisors; Public Works Director Hank Levine and City Manager Gary Brown. We are happy for his work against real grafitti. Too bad he doesn't know the difference between political free speech and Grafitti? Too bad an Employee of the City of Imperial Beach doesn't know where the City Limits of San Diego start and where the City Limits of Imperial Beach end? Too bad the Sheriff's Department does not see fit to prosecute him for his theft of political signs and the impact it had on influencing the outcome of recent local elections?
— December 5, 2010 11:31 a.m.

I.B. Watchdog Finds Signs of Election Tampering

Thank you for more information. Previously we had only been told that Public Works was removing signs. That's who we caught. We didn't know Code Enforcement was also involved in the selective pruning of signs Mr. Brown. Please have Mr. Brown explain what uniformed City Public Works Employee's are doing outside the City Limits of Imperial Beach removing signs from private property where they were posted with permission of the property manager? The City refused to show Taylor and O'Neal proof of easements or right-of-way because the boundary line between Imperial Beach and San Diego runs right up the middle of 13th Street north of Palm Avenue. The signs stolen from the Auto Zone front lawn were clearly outside the boundaries of Imperial Beach. Two days later the city allowed signs on the same location (at least the incumbents and their sponsored candidates) at the same locations where they had harvested opponents signs. City workers allowed incumbent signs to be posted in a multitude of illegal locations without impunity until Jennifer Welsh and other candidates complained about one week before the election. Most challengers were wiped out of signs in the final 4 days of the campaign. I challenge Janney and Spriggs as to whether or not they had hundreds if not thousands of additional signs they did not claim on their financial disclosure forms. And then the city made it illegal to be involved in politics while in uniform or in a city vehicle on the day after the election....and started enforcing a gag order on all city employees not to discuss these matters and refer all questions about it to their supervisors.
— November 17, 2010 5:52 p.m.

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