Fight Over North Park Bar Spills Into the Streets

When I read about the problems that North Park residents are experiencing with the Bluefoot Bar, it reminds me of what I experienced living across the street from the Universal Bar on University Avenue in Hillcrest in 2008. I owned a condo directly across the street from the now closed Universal Bar/Restaurant. On the opening night for Universal, from my patio balcony, I observed Mayor Sanders arrive with his body guards to attend. A third of the street was blocked off for private parking of special guests to attend the opening of Universal. This was all monitored by uniformed police officers.. From my condo windows, I saw men and women urinate in the street or on the curb. I saw vomiting. People stagger down the street to get into cars and drive away. People yelling and screaming outside my bedroom at all hours of the night. I saw fights, multiple fights,one ending on the steps to my condo. After Universal opened, vandalism began to increase at my condo complex.Condo homeowners or renters no longer wanted to be in the parking garage at night. Cars were broken in to. Then there was the music from Universal. It was so loud that it made my condo building vibrate ! My condo building vibrated every Friday and Saturday night. Every week I emailed Mayor Sanders Office, the DA's Office, the community service officer, the vice squad, the City councilwoman, Toni Atkins, , and my neighbors. I called the police every time there was a problem. Sometimes I got put on hold, but I made a complaint as much as I could and I always insisted the police give me an incident number. These incident numbers seem to be important as a way to add reports up to the police. I hope North Park residents are persistent in calling the police and getting incident numbers for every time they call to report Bluefoot. The bottom line is this: Mayor Sanders wouldn't have lived in my condo with what was going on across the street at Universal. But he could go to the opening. Obviously something political was happening ! He wouldn't want to live across the street from the Blue Foot Bar either. What happened in Hillcrest with Universal would never be allowed to happen in La Jolla. What is happening in North Park with Bluefoot would never be allowed in La Jolla. Do any of the Planning Commissioners live close to Bluefoot ? I bet they don't. I wrote this in the hope to show that there is a pattern here with the City of SD and it isn't just with Bluefoot. Universal was forced to close because the owner had money problems. Now there is a new establishment where Universal was. I don't know if the new business is causing problems, because I rented my condo and moved to an area in the county, where that sort of problem doesn't happen.
— March 16, 2011 9:41 p.m.

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