Sweetwater U partnership opposed by Freedom from Religion

Timtim, tsk tsk. All I am asking for is show me the data. As for the elementary school district charters, this has nothing to do with unions or non-unions, it has everything to do with educating kids. Show me the data of the 7-8 grade charter scores, vs the scores of the 7-8 grade SUHSD middle schools. Instead of concerning yourself with "poaching" of kids, why not both districts collaborate and see what is working and what is not working? The elementary school district is not your enemy, they are educating kids, and their test scores show the data. Where they need to improve and their achievements. I would hope that SUHSD is doing the same. Parents have a choice to send their kids on to the high school district, or keep them at their Charter Schools. No one is luring them. ask the parents why, then make changes that would attract them to SUHSD. Education is not stagnant, and it constantly changes for success. Change is good. I am fully aware that iPads are here to stay, just as I am aware that blackboards are replaced with whiteboards, replaced with smart boards. just show me the data that this program is working for student achievement. Show me the data that the Compact for Success is successful, and how many of these students that were guaranteed a job with SUHSD are now teaching? Show me the test scores of SUHSD new charter, as testing should be coming up very soon. Show me the data that GCU has been successful in other Districts, and this is a program that will be successful in SUHSD. Timtim, if you are in a position to do this, I will ignore your very odd comment about black nikes. I would also like to hear some positive comments about a plan the Board and Supt have to get SUHSD schools out of program improvement. Thank you.
— January 26, 2013 2:44 p.m.

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