Crate envy

I'm wearing my El Vez for Prez button :)
— September 19, 2012 12:38 p.m.


Normally I would not respond to a rag like this, but have been compelled to say something due to my name having appeared in the same paragraph as the phrase "shameless promotion" in Jay Allen Sanford's response to Hector's letter above. Since you opened that particular Pandora's Box, Jay, I will "go there" and expose the (undisclosed) shameless self-promotion being advertised in this magazine regarding the release of a "tribute" album to The Shambles, an old '60s-styled, tepid jangle pop group headed by Reader columnist Bart Mendoza. The "Blurt" column from 08/19/09 declaring the release of "Forty-One Sixty: A Tribute to The Shambles" failed to include the information that this CD is being released on Bart's very own label (Blindspot), and after having had a few conversations with several of the artists appearing on it, I was given the impression that this tribute is of Bart's very own making, not inspired by any actual admiration from the artists themselves. Many if not most of these recordings date back several years and are suddenly resurfacing for this "tribute" without prior knowledge from any of its unwitting contributors. So in effect, he's producing and releasing a "tribute" to himself. This is akin to fellating oneself in public. I also think it's very cute how the two of you manage to stroke each other and get each other's name printed in here every week; I smell a bromance. Don't #$%& with me or the person I love; I am a hot-blooded Mexican-American who doesn't tolerate any of that and will &*$% with you in equal measure. Up yours truly, Diana Death
— September 3, 2009 5:20 p.m.

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