Afro Puffs

First let me say I am on the east coast but originally from San Diego and I had the cover of this magazine texted to me last week and saw other postings on Facebook about it and the offense that some took to the cover quote. I thought the cover and the article were definitely connected and right on!! This comes from a black girl who grew up in s.d. and southern California and I have found though conversations (often heated) with many southern Cali black men who expressed their preference for everything otter than black!! I tell people all the time the exact same thing as it relates to California. The correlation of that statement to the article is finding appreciation and acceptance in your surroundings and often times having to seek it out. I got tired of being the token Black girl in school the one who was looked on to defend all things seemingly black and often times extremely uncomfortable moments. But this is a mother who realizes that it is important for her daughter and kids to embrace and understand their culture as well as the culture of others. This mother and her friend have made it her responsibility to make sure her kids know and are comfortable in their culture. For me my desire for this and to know more and be around more people like me and to be the preference brought me to the east coast. Chocolate city (DC) to be exact without having ever set foot here prior to my plane landing, and I have never felt more excited about my culture and others!! It is awesome to see well to do black people as the norm and not the exception to the rule as it seemed in Cali! Thank u for the article and while your story may not be the story or experience of everyone reading this article, there are those who Can relate.
— July 17, 2012 5:41 p.m.

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