Take a Hikey, Mikey

Wow I just can't believe the denial oozing from Mikey fans. Yea some of the statements in the article are here say but since Mikey is hiding out like a criminal on the run and 94.9 is mum on the issue that sort of thing will happen. I'm just a fan, but I called 94.9 the day after his departure...err firing...fully ready to rant and spoke to a well informed individual for a good 5mins or better. I was informed that this was totally not planned and that they got caught with their venerable pants down. Now isn't that obvious with what they had "ready" to replace him...huh...isn't it!? Or can't his fans even admit that simple conclusion? What is true is that he's "no longer under contract." Well, a fact about that is that he had 10mons left on his contract. In other words, he was fired with cause otherwise he would still be under contract and 94.9 would still owe him a good deal of money. If 94.9 had planned this they would've done what 105.3 and every other radio station in the history of radio does, waited for the contract to end and say...buh bye Mikey. Funny how they 94.9 kept the rest of the crew huh fans? Deja vue all over again. Sorry M1's, P1's et al...your hero has fallen...again...and based on the fact of his "midlife crisis" blog and his deafening silence..dude effed up badly and simply got fired for cause. Outside of relapse and or personal problems...uhh...what else is there, what could it be? The King is gone long live the King
— April 3, 2012 11:52 a.m.

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