In cross-appeal, Save Our Heritage Organisation rehashes fight over plan to remove traffic from Balboa Park's Plaza de Panama

Todd Gloria fails to represent his District and the interests of Balboa Park as he continues to drink the Jacobs' funds and promises of future political support. Gloria ignores these facts: 1. The Jacobs Plan introduces every-day paid parking to Balboa Park for the first time in 100 years. $5.00 an hour or more for special events. And the garage must be filled to capacity every day to pay the construction bonds. So PAID parking will be Park-wide, not limited to the garage. Young families, seniors, volunteers for the Museums will be priced out of the Park. 2. The revenues from the Garage would in fact never be sufficient to pay the debt on the bonds. So general revenue from the City would be used to retire the bonds. Revenues that should be used for Park maintenance and improvements. 3. The "by-pass" bridge is ugly, and forever ruins the classic beauty of the Cabrillo Bridge. 4. The "by-pass" bridge forever commits the Park to having parking in its core. It also eliminates the great potential for a grand public space on the surface of the Cabrillo Bridge that would come from either weekend closings, or a decision to close it to traffic forever. 5. The Jacobs Plan scars the historic fabric of the Park, and endangers its designation as a National Historic Landmark. 6. The Jacobs Plan requires the removal of many 100 + year old trees, many selected and planted by Kate Sessions, the "Mother" of the Park. 7. And don't forget, the Court properly held the adoption of the Jacobs Plan to be illegal. The Committee will be liable for further legal feel when they loose the appeal. The City Council, wisely, declined to bring an appeal. The UT does not mention any legal error by the trial court Judge that would support the appeal. Because there are none. 8. The Jacobs Plan has been driven by one man's large ego from the beginning. Unfortunately, that continues.
— June 6, 2013 12:32 p.m.

Irwin Jacobs and Jerry Sanders: Billionaires and bullies create a false picture of public support for Plaza de Panama

The Spreckels Organ Society OPPOSES the "JacobsPlan" and supports the alternative the LEWIS PLAN. PLAZA de PANAMA. STATEMENT OF SUPPORT FOR THE LEWIS PLAN. May 29, 2012. The Spreckels Organ Society supports the over-all concept of removing vehicle traffic from the Plaza de Panama and returning the Plaza and adjacent gardens to their early 1915 design concepts. The Spreckels Organ Society desires to be a positive force to realize this goal. The Society at its February 28, 2012 meeting endorsed, with reservations, the original Jacobs Plan as presented at that date. At that time, it was the only comprehensive plan available for consideration. Since that time, a Jacobs Plan B [ The "Lewis Plan"] has been put forward as an alternative. After review, the Society feels that Plan B [ The "Lewis Plan"] best meets the over-all concept and removes the Society’s previous reservations with the original plan. The positive aspects of the Jacobs Plan B as they relate to the Spreckels Organ Pavilion are as follows: -Free parking is retained in the lot behind the Pavilion. This is important as all programs at the Organ Pavilion are to be presented without charge as stipulated in the deed of gift from the Spreckels brothers. -Underground parking is provided under the Plaza de Panama in close proximity to the Museums and the Old Globe Theater. It is also available for events at the Organ Pavilion. -The need for Trams is reduced or eliminated. -The Jacobs Plan B appears to provide the least negative impact to the Park’s gardens and over-all environment. -30-
— July 15, 2012 10:27 p.m.

Irwin Jacobs and Jerry Sanders: Billionaires and bullies create a false picture of public support for Plaza de Panama

Carl De Maio , the Mayor and the other "aye" votes on the Council abandoned the Public and the Park's history. SOHO, Bob Filner and Ms. Lightner are the heros here. Gloria's NO vote could have stopped this thing, as the Council tends to follow the leader when a project is on one's District. And Todd was the "leader" here. Carl was a follower. PAID Parking will be the rule in the entire park immediately, and in the ZOO lot. Behavioral Economics dictates that result, and the Council was fully informed of this. A Paid parking garage surrounded by free parking will remain empty until all the free spaces are occupied. The projected revenue for the garage is a joke, as the City's own fiscal analyst said. When the Zoo parking lot fills up with people avoiding the paid parking, the Zoo will begin paid parking, as they can under the terms of their lease with the City. The only "idiots" in this are you and the Council members who are ignoring economic reality. Volunteers in the ZOO, the Museums and the Globe will not pay $5.00 an hour to volunteer! Seniors, young families and students cannot and will not pay $5.00 for a casual visit to the Park. "Free" Tuesdays just became $5.00 -$25.00 Tuesdays. The "Free" Organ Pavilion concerts on Sunday afternoons and in the evenings in the Summer Series just became $20.00 concerts. Annual Members of the ZOO and the Museums, who could visit any time for free with their memberhips, will not visit at $5.00-$25.00 a visit. Visits will decline, memberships will decline, support will decline. SOHO will litigate this and will win. This will NEVER be build. De Maio's plee and that of the Chamber of Commerce that the opposition smoke the peace pipe and ignore their duty to protect the Park will fortunately be IGNORED. Mayor Filner will do all he can to to ensure this Plan will NEVER become a tragic reality. But we should all never forget these politicians who put their financial supporter--Jacobs' Billions--ahead of the People and their Park.
— July 15, 2012 10:25 p.m.

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