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Here Comes a Face Melter

As a professional entertainer, I hate to admit it, but I've had a lot of fun playing this game. While Guitar Hero has little or no relation to an actual instrument, Rock Band does. The singer is required to be on pitch and the timing & lyrics have to be correct. I think it's cool how it evaluates you. I agree with Tiffany; however, some people just don't have the talent, patience or time it takes to refine the necessary skills to be a professional musician. These bars are no different than the bars that bust out Karaoke every night and although I personally would rather see a real band playing live, this kind of entertainment has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Bar owners have to look at the bottom line, and a decent live band costs money. You're probably not going to see this kind of thing at Anthology or your local restaurant; but, we musicians can't help to admit that it's a little disheartening to see folks jamming on the wii when that could be our band playing up on that stage. It's also abrasive to watch some guy get all pleased with himself for tapping some buttons to the tempo of Eddie Van Halen's complicated solos. Non-musicos have no idea how many hours of practicing (not to mention talent and inspiration) it takes to acquire a level of proficiency whereupon you can even come close to duplicating one of those compositions (let alone think one up yourself). It’s just a game and a really enjoyable one to boot; however, it would be nice if they had designed the guitar to at least have the colors correspond to the chords or the octave. At least then the players might learn something about music while they played the game. Couldn't they have 11 buttons instead of 5 that each correspond to a note in the scale? Or, combination of buttons or colors for certain chords... Oh wait... That's actually playing music! How silly! As for a 100 hours of programming: Can you imagine a band that has a 100 hours of music? Do you even know of a band like that (besides Jazz guys) Imagine calling a local rock band and asking them if they had a hundred hours of music! Working rock bands are lucky if they have 6 hours of music! I played guitar hero with my brother and it took me hours (at the very easy level) to be able to get a decent score. It would have taken me days or weeks of practice with the instrument to get proficient enough to play at the hard level. Each 3 or 4 minute song takes days to perfect, not to mention all of the competitions with friends or online opponents. 100 hours of music would probably keep you occupied for a year or so. I just wish they'd get a musician to design it so that they had some sort of relevance to the real thing. Oh wait, that would be like lessons! We can't have that! What I want to see is Trumpet Hero, Sax Hero and Piano Hero. I want to see little Charlie Parkers and Clifford Browns and Art Tatums arise from the mediocrity of Suburbia! minus the heroin of course...
— April 19, 2009 2:04 a.m.

Head South for No-Frills Dentistry

I did write the article to be entertaining but I didn't exaggerate anything. My reference to tourist abductions was ascertained from several articles like this one from August 2008: http://www.reuters.com/article/latestCrisis/idU... which states "The FBI in San Diego says it is investigating 16 cases of U.S. residents kidnapped and held in Tijuana between October last year and May, including some who were abducted in San Diego County. Wealthy Mexicans have fled Tijuana since 2006 to live in San Diego's plush suburbs and escape violence that has engulfed the city as drug gangs kill rivals, police and even children. More than 200 people have been kidnapped in Baja California state so far this year, a third more than in all of 2007, according to Mexican kidnap victims' association Esperanza." Sources like the Reuters, FBI and Esperanza were legitimate enough for me. David
— March 3, 2009 11:19 p.m.

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