Enough nepotism and cronyism

I’ve never run for political office, and I do not intend to run for any political office beyond School Board Trustee. My reasons for running are a simple desire to help the community in an area where I thought they needed help and where I have the knowledge and experience to be effective. I have no major endorsements – no career politicians or unions or political parties back me in this election. My supporters are the best kind – my friends and neighbors and former colleagues and former students and people I talk to as I walk the neighborhoods or work in my stores – people who believe in my abilities and who know I will do the right thing. I’ve learned that this office is often used as a springboard for people with political aspirations. Unlike Kevin O’Neill, I’ve never wanted to be on City Council, or run for Water Board, and now School Board. I’m also amazed by the Bertha-defenders. They say her only crime was not reporting some gifts. In reality, according to her FPPC filings, she accepted thousands of dollars from a developer, as well as gifts - dinners, wine, flowers, who had a multi-million dollar contract with the district. She did not refuse those contributions or recuse herself from votes regarding that contractor, did she? At best, it is all highly unethical behavior. We need trustees who can be trusted to have integrity and who know inherently that their behavior is acceptable. We are out here trying to make a difference in Sweetwater – a student-centered district where integrity, honesty, and transparency rule the day. If you want to help in any way including donations, contact me at www.danatoogood.com or [email protected]. Thank you, Dana Toogood, Area 2 Candidate
— October 22, 2014 12:22 p.m.

Let’s Be Friends

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