Fight Over Old Town Transitional Housing Facility For Combat Veterans Continues

I have a question for San Diego: Why Veteran status makes us MORE likely to be child predators?? **80.6% of Active Duty Military have children themselves.** [VA.gov/vetdata][1]. The way I see it, that makes us 100% more likely to run into a burning building to save your kids. And you. These Veterans are carefully screened and monitored throughout their program. Shouldn't these parents, and particularly the school owner, have been more concerned that **51 Registered Sex Offenders living just in that Zip Code?** Or just the **21 Registered Sex Offenders just in the 2-mile radius around the school? 17 are convicted of offenses against children and 3 are multiple offenders.** [meganslaw.ca.gov][2]. That, and the short 23-minute drive to **Tijuana, Mexico,** the busiest border to Mexico, which is the **top city for human trafficking of children** in North America (http://www.csjorange.org/images/resources/The%2...), should scare the hell out of parents already. Not the wounded heroes getting better across the street. What is it, exactly, people think we have been fighting for? The business owner stomping his feet because of a past parking dispute? Or the Upright Mommy Brigade's next power struggle? Charter schools are businesses, remember. And out of 196 parents, only one or two will follow through after their initial hissy fit, I guarantee, and move on to their next control tactic. No, it's our families we've fought for. We were all young men and women one day who **literally signed our lives away** to defend a nation we love and honor. We are **true citizens** who have built lives and grown families and want to defend our children from tyranny reaching our shores. And these Veterans--people braver than you--are coming home, in particular, with PTSD (that means they have feelings and consciences) and TBIs (that means they were physically injured in the brain/spinal cord by a freaking BOMB). Neither of which cause pedophilia. Neither do motor vehicle accidents or gun shot wounds or mixing cherry Pez and root beer. They causes pain. And these men and women want to get better so they can go back to their families less broken. Get a life, San Diego. Better yet, go join the military and see what it's like to actually **earn your life and your freedom**. [1]: http://www.va.gov/vetdata/docs/SurveysAndStudie... [2]: http://www.meganslaw.ca.gov/search_main.aspx?se...
— April 14, 2012 9:34 a.m.

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