Sweetwater cheer coaches seek pay from district

Three people with power to pay these young coaches have collectively decided that the it was in the school's and District's best interest to instead cheat these young ladies, secretly replace them with the very coach Sesha Haynes who hired them, now that her job is a cakewalk at this juncture. And even further who cares if they all destroy the repuations of these young ladies in the process! You know Haynes likely had her job threatened bt these three culprits, specifically McLaughlin, Rodrigo and Brand in that order. To make matters worse, the President of the Board, Jim Cartmill, was asked to investigate this complaint against Mclaughlin's and Brand's handling of the matter in private session, which is the manner in which a personnel complaint should be handled according to the Brown Act. However, Mr. Cartmill handed the issue back to Mclaughlin to investigate himself anfd Brand!! This, mind you, is ALL in writing with McLaughlin misquoting the Brown Act, in keeping with his position of Mr. NON-compliance officer, in support of Cartmill's suggestion that McLaughlin investigate himself!! SO, ALL of these guys are deserving of whatever tomatoes hit them in the face publicy as they were ALL given every opportunity to make things right privately and avoid public humiliation. But it gets even better, as McLaughlin tried to pass the distinguished honor of investigating himself on to Student Services suggesting that this complaint be taken to Mercedes Lopez and/or her boss, Ramon Leyba. Lopez was utterly confused about this and indicated that this was NOT her job and that McLaughlin ONLY reports directly to Brand!! She confirmed that this was the job of the Board to investigate a complaint against McLaughlin and Brand. ALL of this in writing as well! I am afraid that McLaughlin has duly earned the name McStupid in this fiasco, misquoting the law, public and District regulations, in writing no less! All of this in an effort to be in totalitarian control of his mission to investigate himself, intimidate, bully, cheat and defame these coaches! And all with Rodrigo, Brand and Cartmill being complicit! This stench is worse that the wind currents from our local landfill! You would think Cartmill, being under indictment would want to avoid this kind of public scrutiny, and minimally render the appearance of re-habilitating himself, insincere as it may be. And Brand, Cartmill or ANY Board member, for that matter, as they have ALL been duly notified of this issue, dare not attempt to keyhole this is as a private personnel matter at the meeting, as they have all been reliant upon the veracity of Mr. NON-compliance himself who is on the record claiming the very opposite! Deservedly you are indeed, McStupid! This is all so pitifully corrupt that it literally evokes a visceral response!!I Hope to see many just as sickened faces on Monday!
— May 12, 2013 3:02 p.m.

Sweetwater cheer coaches seek pay from district

What is further not well known is that coach Sesha Haynes and cheer advisor, Maria Estrada, who also just happens to be Montgomery principal Rodrigo's secretary, in collusion with NON-compliance officer, McLaughlin, with the full knowledge and approval of Superintendent, Ed Brand, all lied to the coaches and told them they had cancelled the cheer program in an effort to cheat them out of the remainder of their contract!! To quote Brand, "I can't make Mr. Rodrigo continue the program when most of the work has already been done and there is not much left to do the rest of the year." WOW!! Way to go to cheat these young ladies out of their full year's due!! Take their sweat equity up front and then kill the balance of the dollars fully owed!! It's like offering a construction contractor half the pay for a job in which 90% of the work was already done!!! Unreal!! But it gets worse!! To cancel the program would have been outside of compliance with District guidelines as ALL the high schools within the District must offer the same programs and it is not within their authority to cancel one high school's program only!! But of course Mr. NON- complaince himself would have known this. Ya think? SO, what did they then do? Sesha Haynes and Maria Estrada then told the Montgomery cheerleaders and their parents that their coaches, Revanna and Vanessa, up and quit on them without good-bye or any notice!! Nice!! Some cheerleaders have been so tainted against these innocent coaches that they have NO interest in even hearing the truth!! This goes far beyond money, folks!! These girls have suffered irreparable harm to their otherwise good names and pristine reputations; not to mention the emotionally draining and distressing interruption of their lives and their all but now shattered dreams to launch their own local private cheer program. Keep in mind these were outstanding graduates of Brand's own District. Gamez was one of the most outstanding flyers of their cheer team in high school, popular and admired. And Gonzalez helped put the then new Otay Ranch High on the map when Channel 10 news did a feature story on her at the end of her freshman year, allowing the school and its principal to share in the glory of her accomplishments. Gonzalez was in Otay's Academy of Justice and Criminology program. She was featured because she was one of an exclusive group of students (one per state per year), and the youngest ever to attend, invited to participate in the FBI Youth Academy in Quantico, VA. She trained along side FBI agents earning the pysically intensive honor of the coveted Yellow Brick. Channel 7 also did a story on her. And guess what? Brand was superintendent at the time!! Yepp!!!Way to treat your own, indeed!!
— May 11, 2013 12:21 p.m.

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