Cosplay in the park

Alright, I made an account just so I could comment on this. You wondered why the cosplay community was apprehensive of having you join them to make an article about them, this article is an example why people tend to not want journalist at gatherings. Overall, this 'article' is very negative. It shows the cosplay community is a very bad light and has a lot of information that really did not need to be included in there. I think it's a bad representation of the community you are supposedly trying to get to know. How much research of cosplay did you do before making the article? How about after? Was it necessary to include every personal conversation that all these people had with each other, not thinking it would be recorded for an article? I don't see how including someone wanting to quit a job is relevant to the cosplay community at all. You really should have asked people if they wanted something they said to be included in the article rather than just putting everything ever said down. Some of these things of course are peoples own opinions. Knowing some of these people, I think you really misrepresented them. Did you make any formal interviews with these people? It would have gave you the answer you were looking for at the end of your article. Cosplay has no age limit. Someone in their 50's could cosplay if they wanted to, without being judged by the rest of the community. Cosplay is a hobby, for fun. It is very much similar to those who dress up for Renascence Fairs or Comic Con. The easiest way to explain cosplay to people who do not understand what cosplaying is that we are like Comic Con without the Comic Con. It is just to hang out with other people who enjoy a hobby as much as we do, show off all the hard work we put into making our costumes and make new friends. It may be weird to other people, but do we care? Not really. We are not disturbing the peace or hurting anyone. Cosplay is not limited to just Japanese anime, it could also be comic book characters, cartoon characters, characters from novels, anything. It is all for fun. This article had potential to show those in San Diego that we are not some crazy people causing trouble. So, when I do go out in cosplay and if someone mentions this article, I'll straight out tell them it really misrepresented us, because that is what I feel about this article.
— January 10, 2013 3:05 p.m.

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