Susan B

Peevey in their pocket

Great article, Don - please keep them coming, especially pertaining to CPUC corruption and collusion with the utilities they are supposed to be regulating! I can tell you assuredly that Californians have only seen the tip of the iceberg with Peevey's long legacy of corrupt conduct, giving the shaft to the consumers. For instance, the highly dangerous new "smart" utility meters forced on all buildings in San Diego County for the past four (+) years, have not been withdrawn, not been banned ... never checked out for health and safety. Peevey has also publicly screamed "Shut up!" to those who came to tell him about their dire physical reactions to smart meters during a CPUC meeting about a year ago. I have the video of this occurring on our website, "CPUC’s Peevey Gets “Peeved” – Yells “Shut Up”, Tries to Stifle Free Speech" Under Peevey's reign of terror at the CPUC, this was (and still is) forbidden to be considered in smart meter proceedings - even proceedings considering whether smart meter opt-out fees are unjust due to medical needs to avoid the jarring, pulsed microwave radiation emitting from these meters every second, round the clock. Peevey and his minions (administrative law judges in the pockets of the utilities - usually who'd also worked for them or Peevey in the past) made sure that "health and safety were not within the scope" of each smart meter / smart grid proceeding. So no matter how many tens of thousands of letters and complaints were sent to the CPUC, no matter how many people made the long trip to San Francisco for four years (or five) to testify in the one minute given, in front of Peevey and the other band of heartless commissioners, that they were suffering severe ill effects from the smart meters, nothing substantial was done. Now, we have people who are homeless, very ill, out of work, totally disabled and totally unable to live in their own homes or even in communities with smart meters, due to their extreme reactions to the strong, pulsed radiation. Others go on, oblivious to the cause, experiencing ill effects of radiation poisoning, not connecting it to the installation of smart meters. Newborns are subjected to these dangerous smart meters, at very close range, as at my neighbors' home. It is appalling that, even with the advisement of renowned scientists and the WHO's determination that this radiation is a Class 2B carcinogen, Peevey ignored the dangers and promoted the smart grid and smart meters to be forced on the public. They need to be banned and removed, every one of them, for they are a menace to the health of all Californians. Just before he left, Peevey prematurely closed a stalled smart meter opt-out proceeding that examined the fees - this is a story in itself.
— January 6, 2015 9:08 a.m.

Peevey, supposed to be neutral, pushed secretly for Pio Pico

Peevey REALLY MUST GO! What can you do? 1. Sign a petition to have Peevey remove, and share this message widely! We now have 832 signatures on our petition to Gov. Brown to appoint a new President of the CPUC....Lets get to 1000 signatures! Peevey has got to go! ----------------------------------- 2. You may contact Governor Jerry Brown to request the removal of Michael Peevey as head of the CPUC, and replacement with a true, proven, people's advocate, such as Ralph Nader, at: by email or: Mailing address: Governor Jerry Brown c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173 Sacramento, CA 95814 Phone: (916) 445-2841 Fax: (916) 558-3160
— March 5, 2013 8:31 a.m.

Mary Hoffman Takes on the Regulators

After dealing with the CPUC directly as a Party to their proceedings related to the smart meter opt-out and smart grid, I am in complete agreement with Ms. Hoffman about the greed and corruption openly displayed at CPUC, with full approval by Governor Brown and the state legislature. All of them are, in my opinion, in on the corruption, and all must GO. I am NOT impressed with the three newest commissioners, as they have definitely shown that they are keeping the status quo because it benefits them. I have seen one video of a CPUC public meeting where people were testifying about the atrocities perpetrated on them by the smart meter installations, people were sick, homeless, crying (literally) and Commissioner Sandoval sat there like a much older, heavier Marie Antoinette, stuffing her face with food during the meeting and not even caring a whit about what was said. Education means nothing if you act like that. She hasn't said a single word in defense of the public that I have heard of, the whole time she's been there. Same for the others. No good, just taking advantage of the corrupted system. Who needs people like that as commissioners? We need outspoken people who care about the public, not themselves. We need people who have never had any conflicts of interest. The staff at CPUC, including the administrators and judges, are straight out of the utility companies and it sure shows in all their rigged proceedings. The public is being harmed and the security of our nation and its electrical grid put at grave risk by their actions. The Governor must be held accountable for his poor selections and for not requiring integrity on this despicably corrupted state agency. If we tolerate that, we are no better than any corrupted country like the old Russia or France, before the Revolution. Director, Center for Electrosmog Prevention
— September 27, 2012 11:19 a.m.

Decision On Quail Brush Power Plant Delayed, Again

Read this Patch Letter to the Editor, more info on this topic. "This pollution will blanket our region from an unnecessary, massive power plant being planned for the Santee/Tierrasanta/La Jolla/La Mesa/MiraMesa (State Route 52) corridor. To add insult to injury, it is planned right on the edge of a historic area and nature preserve, the lovely Mission Trails Regional Park. This is the historic site of the first aqueduct in California, built with Father Junipero Serra's oversight to bring water to the first California mission established by Father Serra in what is now Mission Valley. The aqueduct can still be seen and enjoyed today on a walk through a trail in still-pristine wilderness right in the heart of our county. Native Americans lived in the immediate region, their grinding holes in the rocks still visible. To have a power plant placed side-by-side with this aqueduct and Native American Historic Site is an abomination of our past, and present. " BRAVO TO THE SAN DIEGO CITY PLANNING COMMISSION - VOTE IT DOWN AGAIN IN JULY. WE DON'T NEED MORE POLLUTION IN OUR LOVELY COUNTY. WE NEED LESS. WE SHOULD NOT LET SDG&E RUIN OUR COUNTY'S AIR NOR OUR OPEN SPACES.
— June 29, 2012 11:29 p.m.

SDGE Smart Meter Opt-Out Plan Approved

It should be noted that those vigorously disagreeing are always the ones "on the utility food chain". This could include "bought" scientists, media, and paid shills. Independent physicians and scientists have known this type of radiation is dangerous for decades. Do your homework, please. Here is an example to read, by the American Academy of Environmental Physicians: The Reader should really cover this story in a major feature, I have been encouraging this since last summer, but to no avail. WHY NOT? If 50% opted out, there goes the radiation-emitting wireless grid idea! Down the toilet where it belongs. Lawsuits about charging these fees will undoubtedly be filed. Inform everyone you know, canvas the neighborhood with fliers, get everyone to opt-out to reduce radiation in your community. There is an opt-out flier for SDG&E customers at
— April 20, 2012 1:41 a.m.

Smart Meter Opt-Out Plan Approved Conditionally

**TAKE ACTION:** **CONTACT SDG&E NOW TO BE PLACED ON THEIR SMART METER OPT-OUT LIST!** TELL THEM YOU WANT AN ANALOG METER ONLY. 1-(800)-411-7343 or (best way) email [email protected] so you have proof that you requested this. Ask for a supervisor if you are denied. Check back once every few weeks to find more out about the opt-out and also keep checking at **Contact Calif. Public Utilities Commission** President Michael Peevey [email protected] or call 1-800-649-7570 **to demand a no-fee, no-cost, analog opt-out NOW for Southern Californians, and to end the wireless smart grid as a public health hazard**. **File a complaint with the CPUC**: if you have experienced health effects or any other problems with smart meters, including burnout of appliances, privacy, safety issues (fires), malfunctioning of garage door openers or other wireless in the home, humming of the electrical wiring in your home, or overbilling. Share your complaint here or at **Share this information widely. Go to this URL for a flier**: **Join Southern Californians Against Smart Meters**
— March 24, 2012 8:38 p.m.

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