Hot Water

I commend Mr. Bauder for his well researched and skillfully written article on Warner Springs Ranch. He attributes to current general manager Jim Stilwell a fact I believe is erroneous. I believe that subsequent events and investigation prove that Highland Resorts never tendered a three thousand dollar ($3,000.00) deposit to Warner Springs Ranch pursuant to the established unsolicited Letter of Intent process. Instead, the Highland Resorts “draft MOU” that was announced by Mr. Stilwell in a post to the Warner Springs Ranch website on August 17, 2008 was the product of a solicited process, and therefore, not subject to the established unsolicited LOI process. This revelation bring Owner-Schmowners closer to the truth as well as a complete and honest answer to the question I’ve been asking for over three months; as referenced in the article, how did Highland Resorts cut in front of other offerors and jump from last in time to first in line? Moreover, also unanswered are questions of who first solicited Highland Resorts and when the solicitation process first began. I hope everyone who has ever "taken the waters" at Warner Springs requests answers from Mr. Stilwell via email at: [email protected] and the current Board of Directors via email at: [email protected] Sincerely, Greg S. Maizlish
— August 20, 2008 5:13 p.m.

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